How To Stop Procrastination In Your Workout Goals

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We have all procrastinated at some point in our lives, for many, especially with our workout goals. From school papers and homework assignments to working out at the gym, there is always a readily available excuse as to why someone waited until the last minute to complete a task or didn’t do it at all.

Even though people are aware of the consequences of procrastination, they still choose to put things off, but there comes a point in time when the procrastination has to stop and the real work has to begin.

Fitness is one area where procrastination seems to dominate people’s lack of commitment. According to the Centers For Disease Control, only 25% of Americans get the exercise they need.


Likely most of those who do not workout regularly make one excuse or another and never really get to that treadmill. They want to, they intend to, but they never do.

Here are five ways to stop procrastinating on your fitness goals and why you should do it.

  1. Figure Out Why You Are Procrastinating On Your Workout Goals?

If you want to have a real chance at finally committing to reaching your workout goals, you need to figure out what exactly is causing you to procrastinate. Perhaps you have a big workload or believe you don’t have the time to fit in a workout? Whatever the reason may be, it is important that you figure it out, so you can address the problem and put a stop to the procrastination.

What we have seen for many who are not reaching their workout goals is their WHY is not big enough. Knowing why you want to achieve your workout goals is one of the most vital parts to eliminate your procrastination!

  1. Be Reasonable In Goal Setting

Oftentimes, when people set goals of any kind, they may experience difficulty achieving them. This may be for several reasons, but a lot of the time, people may have set an unrealistic goal that they cannot reach. Start where you are not where you want to be. Make your goals simple and attainable. If you know you only have time for a thirty-minute workout three days a week, don’t say that you will work out for an hour four days a week. This may seem obvious however many times it is not when you beginning to be clear on your workout goals.

You are only setting yourself up for failure, and failing can be discouraging, especially when trying to lose weight. Once you stop putting things off and start working out consistently, then you can increase or changes your fitness goals.


  1. Start Slow

Being reasonable about your workout goals is a good way to start your journey, but you also want to start slow. You may tell yourself that you are willing to commit to an intense workout five times a week, but when it comes down to actually completing the task, you may shy away from the challenge. If you start slow with your workouts, you can consider building and add to it once you have been attending the gym and working out regularly.

  1. Schedule Your Workouts

Scheduling your workouts will allow you to keep it in your mind that you have to workout. If you are the type of person to keep a very tight schedule, then penciling in a thirty or forty minute workout session will work best for you. Knowing that this is the only time that you have to workout out will encourage you to get up and get going.

  1. Inform Others Of Your Workout Goals

You may be the only person who is aware of your fitness goals, which makes it easier for you to ignore them. If you inform others of your plans to lose weight and get in shape, then they will be waiting to see the progress you’ve made. With them holding you to this, you will be more motivated to get to the gym and keep up with your goals. We all like to have our WINS and by sharing our workout goals with others and using it as motivation to reach your goals.

It is not always easy to fight procrastination, but it can be done with a little dedication and a realistic plan. People think of a variety of excuses to give up on their weight loss journey, but once they find their groove and start working out regularly, the journey may get easier. If you really want to lose weight and get into the best shape of your life, it’s time that you fight the urge to procrastinate and stick to your fitness plan.

Reach Your Workout Goals With The Habit of Motivation

Now you must realize the idea of What Motivates, Motivates! And your motivation is directly related to your WHY. So our idea of Motivation as the key element to sticking with your workout goals is creating a strong why. It is the driving force that pushes you to succeed and to keep with it.

Here are some tips to keep motivated.

  • Remember why you made your workout goals in the first place! Keep connected with
    the reasons you started in the first place, when you stumble, use those reasons
    to motivate yourself.
  • Reward yourself!! When you do good and push through a hard workout
    remember to reward yourself. If you work out all the time without noticing and
    acknowledging the payoffs and rewards it will be much harder to stick with your
    goals. A reward will help you to remember how gratifying all the hard work can

Use Your Momentum To Achieve Your Workout Goals

Motivation is the driving force, but momentum is what makes the whole process easier.

When we have momentum on our side, nothing can stop us. It’s only when we lose that momentum that it becomes hard to stick to our goals.

  • Don’t take long breaks or too many breaks between your workouts, this will cause
    you to lose focus and momentum. When you feel that momentum, keep it going.
  • Don’t think about it, just do it. Many people tend to over think and wonder if
    they should workout or complete a step on their goals action list and this causes
    them to talk themselves out of doing those things.
  • Motivation and momentum are critical to sticking with your fitness goals. Use your
    commitment to strengthen your resolve and take each goal one step at a time. Make
    your workout goals fun, exciting and different. Most of all, don’t forget to reward yourself!

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Tell us what your workout goals are in the comments below?

Workout Goals - How To Stop Procrastination In Your Fitness Goals
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