Women Strength Training Get These Benefits For Everyday Life!

By | November 6, 2017

The Everyday Benefits In Life For Women Strength Training

women strength training

Women strength training means doing the kind of exercise that promotes the development of muscles by working against the weight of the body or against resistance bands or free weights. Basically, strength training is the building of lean muscle tone.

This can be done through bodyweight and resistance exercises, such as push-ups, squats, and pull-ups. But, typically, in a gym or even at home gym, it is done by performing sets of specific exercises with the use of the body, or by using free weights.

Benefits Of Strength Training For Women

Lean muscle tone is an integral part of good fitness because it provides various health benefits, but, it goes further to serve the woman in everyday life.

Strength training has nothing to do with bulking up, which is, what bodybuilders do. Strength training is all about lean muscle tone, not bulk, and women need not worry about getting too big because it is impossible without a specific regimen that basically includes living at the.

A Strength Training Program For A Hard Body

You know that flab that you hate? Well, lean muscle tone helps to create a hard body that is lean, trim and simply looks great. When we lose body fat and perform muscle toning exercises we can enjoy that beautiful sculpt that makes us look great in clothes, without clothes, and in swimwear.

Strong For Everyday Chores Is The Reason For Women Strength Training

Aside from looking trim and slim, strength training gives us confidence: we know our bodies are strong and we are capable of doing work, as well as, engaging in play. We are not worried about picking up our pets, toddlers or our pre-school-aged children because we know our bodies are strong enough to do just that.

We love the challenge and are not afraid of climbing several flights of stairs when there is a sudden power outage because we know our leg muscles are strong enough to climb down stairs.

There is definitely no fear of carrying groceries or laundry because we know we are strong. We aren’t afraid of carrying a laptop in our purse along with our cosmetics and other feminine supplies.

We don’t necessarily need a man to do that quick job around the house because we have the strength to move furniture, remove a pipe, or paint the kitchen.


That sculpt that is created from a body that is low in body fat and high in lean muscle tone, makes us feel great in our clothes, and the pride that is felt from knowing what we achieved through hard work makes us stand tall and proud, not only from knowing the clothes look great, but, from the sense of achievement that can come with this type of workout.

Prevent Lower Back Pain

Well-developed muscles in the back and the abdomen (the core) not only flatter our silhouette, they also protect us from lower back pain.

Increased Metabolism With Women Strength Training Routines

Women who are strong also have faster metabolism: they use up the nutrients from the food they eat a lot faster than women who do not do strength training.

For this reason, their bodies burn more fat, instead of storing it, making it a lot easier to maintain their figure and weight.

Optimal Pregnancy

Most important may be the fact that when women do strength training, pregnancy and delivery of babies is not as risky or as uncomfortable.

  • For one, when our back and abdominal muscles are strong, we do not feel back pain from the added weight of a bulging baby bump.
  • Normal deliveries are not as painful or stressful for strong women: they can control their breathing better; they can relax their abdominal and back muscles so that the uterus will not be prevented from contracting and pushing the baby out – this makes delivery more efficient and less distressing.
  • Women with well-developed back and abdominal muscles are also better able to bear down making their labor and delivery easier and less painful.
  • More importantly, women who have developed strong muscles bounce back much faster and return to their pre-pregnancy shape and form a lot faster than those who have not.

Final Thoughts

Women Strength training offers some very real and practical everyday benefits and should always be a part of any regular woman’s fitness routines.

How to get started?

Join a gym and hire a trainer to guide you as you learn all the exercises and routines. There are also plenty of strength training workouts for women programs online that you can use at home, to gain the benefits for everyday life! Our favorite strength training program for women is Female Fat Loss Over 40 by Shawna K.This is a resistance training program for women designed by women.

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Women strength training for everyday life has huge benefits and it would be great to hear from you in the comments below!

Women Strength Training Get These Benefits For Everyday Life!
Article Name
Women Strength Training Get These Benefits For Everyday Life!
Women Strength training offers some real and practical everyday benefits & must always be a part of any regular woman’s fitness routines.

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