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Fat loss: Myths and Facts About Body Fat For Weight Loss!  Whether it’s just belly fat or overall body fat, you want to look and feel great. Aside from the fact that fat looks bad, your long-term health is directly related to how much excess fat that you carry.

Body fat in and of itself isn’t bad. Let’s get this part straight right from the beginning. You need fat on your body for several reasons.

Myths & Facts About Body Fat For Weight Loss

Fat is the secondary source of energy for your body (dietary sugars and starches being the first). You need blood sugar to keep all body processes going. Dietary energy sources give out after 10 minutes or so of heavy work or exercise, and then it switches to taking energy from the tissues around them, usually the fat stored in the tissues. It takes this stored fat and converts it into sugar, which is then used for energy.

Fat is what makes a woman curvier and despite cultural and societal “norms” has forced on us through Hollywood and commercials, a woman’s body comes hard wired to have fat stores in certain places, particularly because of her childbearing capacity. While we may fight it, woman will store fat around her belly and thighs especially during her childbearing years as a built in safety precaution during pregnancy.

Another purpose for body fat is that it insulates you from adverse temperatures – both heat and cold. Like a layer of blankets, fat acts to protect your internal organs from temperature extremes.

Fat is also the main pad on the bottom of your feet as well as the palms of your hands. Imagine walking on your bones for just a minute and then be thankful for fat. It’s also important to note that fat is used to pad organs throughout your body, too, sort of like we stuff paper into a box before sealing it up to keep the contents from shifting around.

So now we know we do need some body fat – the problem is obviously that the majority of us carry too much overall body fat, which shows up as a spare tire around our waistline or as embarrassing saddle bags.

Not only that, but your doctor said that if you don’t lose the excess fat, you’ll suffer all kinds of other problems – like high blood pressure, increased chances of heart disease, adult onset diabetes, and increased joint disease (arthritis) to name a few.

Now for some solid answers to the question: how can I reduce fat and lose belly fat in particular? Over the next few blog post we will have some solutions, ideas, tips to learn and solve The Myths and Facts About Body Fat For Weight Loss. One of our most important events of the year is coming and here is: I’d highly recommend checking it out, as it could be the final step in achieving your weight loss goals.  Register For The Weight Loss Solution Here A Natural Weight Loss strategy – HERE

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Myths and Facts About Body Fat
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Myths and Facts About Body Fat
Fat loss: The Myths & Facts About Body Fat! Whether it's just belly fat or overall body fat, you want to look & feel great. Learn for your long term health
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