Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40! Boost Metabolism

Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40!

 Amazing Weight Loss Tips – The Foods That Boost Metabolism

weight loss tipsAre you sick of all the fad diets that seem to promise easy weight loss tips? Have you tried them but just put the weight back on again? What if the normal foods that you eat could actually help you lose weight? There are several types of foods that actually work to speed up your metabolism so if you can include these foods into your diet then they will help you to burn fat and lose weight. You might already be eating some of these superfoods, so it may just be a matter of adjusting your diet to include more of these foods.

If you are a spicy food lover then you are in luck.

Cayenne peppers, jalapenos, and habaneros are some fantastic hot and spicy foods that give the metabolism a great big boost. Basically, as well as tasting hot they also get your insides running hot too. These spices will keep boosting your metabolism for around three hours after you eat them. So if you want a three-hour fat burnout then go have a meal with lots of hot and spicy peppers.



Salmon, sardines, and tuna – these fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which will help speed up your metabolism and also have the extra benefit of being very healthy for your heart. Our bodies have a hormone called leptin and our metabolism runs faster when the leptin levels are low and these fish help to keep those levels low, allowing your metabolism to run at a good speed and burn off calories. Fish are also a source of protein and protein is great for speeding up the metabolism.

While on the topic of protein –

foods like lean meat, legumes, eggs and even peanut butter will give your metabolism a boost. Peanut butter should be eaten in moderation, but do try to include it in your diet as it is rich in both protein and monounsaturated fats. Nut butter is also high in protein, monounsaturated fats and also contain lots of antioxidants. Although nuts are high in fat, if eaten in moderation they can actually benefit your weight loss.

Other foods that are great for speeding up the metabolism are fruits and vegetables, in particular, dark green leafy vegetables and berries. These foods are also a great source of vitamins and antioxidants so eat as much of these foods as you want.

 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Tips

If you are looking for easy weight loss tips, let’s just stop right here. You need to know that there is no magic potion for losing excess poundage. There will be work you are going to have to do, especially if you have more than just a few pounds to lose.

You can make it easier on yourself by telling yourself you are going to lose the weight no matter what. Just like breaking an old bad habit and choosing a quit date, choose a start date for your new good habit of nutrition and exercise.

Before your start date arrives,

begin keeping a journal of what you eat and what exercise you get during the day. This will help you make the changes you need to make in order to lose the weight.

Get a book that shows you a number of calories in the food you eat. Use this to create a meal plan that is no more than 1500 – 1700 calories a day and plan out five small meals each day with each meal approximately 300 calories each. Your body can process up to 500 calories per meal depending on your fitness level otherwise, the food you eat gets stored as fat.

When looking for winnable weight loss tips, know that you must take in fewer calories than your body thinks it needs on a daily basis. Add a 30-minute walk in there three times a week and you have yourself a recipe for success.

Walking is actually the best thing for you when you want to lose weight.

I have heard it said that you can incorporate the use of ankle and wrist weights when you get further along and are in better shape. Using weights will up the level of difficulty and help you burn more fat with each step. It might be better to get a weighted vest rather than the ankle and wrist weights.

Your metabolism plays a key role in whether you lose weight or gain weight.

The slower your metabolism the more weight you will gain and the faster your metabolism the more weight you will lose. Never, ever starve yourself. If you try to starve yourself your body will go into survival mode and hold on to what it’s got making it virtually impossible for you to lose any weight. You have got to eat to lose weight.


Start your day and metabolism off right and have a good healthy breakfast. Follow the meal plan you have made and pack your snacks and a lunch for when you are at work then when you get home have a nice healthy supper. If you find it necessary you can have one more snack before bedtime. Eating every two to three hours will keep your metabolism in high gear and help you lose weight naturally.

So set a start date and when it comes, begin creating the new you.

Do not forget to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Once you begin and start seeing results you will realize that you have found the easy ways to lose weight and you do not need any of those fad diets or supposed magic potions.

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 Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40! Boost Metabolism
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Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 40! Boost Metabolism
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