Weight Loss and Stress

What Every Woman Must Know About

Weight Loss And  Stress

When it comes to weight loss and stress, this may be the toughest lifestyle change of all – to reduce our chronic stress. Little did we know that just having too many bad days, weeks and years takes its toll on our bodies, but strangely enough, your body will “protect” itself by storing fat on your waistline.

Here is what every woman must know about weight loss and stress!

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As a form of protecting you from dangerous animals and surviving long periods of hard times with little food, your body will automatically pack it on – right around your gut. Even now, while we aren’t afraid of  animals jumping out at us or dealing with periodic famine, the hormones cortisol and adrenaline surge into your bloodstream each time you experience any amount of stress, even if it’s just you swerving to miss a cat or getting the news that your dad died or that you’re being laid off.

It’s these two main hormones that serve to prepare you to run from danger and at the same time tell your body to preserve energy (in the form of stored fat) in the event of long-term famine. This is all well and good if you were really in a survival mode with little access to food. But that’s not the case in modern society.

While our bodies continue to be under stressful conditions, it still stores fat even though we have regular access to food. You will have stress in your life, much of which you can do nothing about.

You may have the tendency to pack fat on around the waistline. So while you may be a good person and you don’t eat lots of junk calories, you can still have a pad of fat covering your belly.

How do you combat the stress?

This is the subject of many books. But let’s touch on several ways to reduce stress or at least reduce its effects on you. The first thing you can do is take a good look at your life and decide which things you can pare down on to get your weight loss and stress under your control.

This is a toughie because we think we’re the main mover in so many things. But in reality, we have too many irons in the fire. Learn to cut out what you can and delegate what you can to lighten your load.

Next, learn to let go. Find a hobby or form of relaxation that allows you to forget the troubles for just a time. Take up yoga or try a new dance class where you get really stomping and twirling.

Adrenaline must be “burned up” through some means of moderate exercise.

So the next time you get a surge of adrenaline due to some stress, make it a point to take a walk up several flights of stairs or do 10 minutes of jumping jacks. This may go a long way to ridding the body of the hormone that tells your body to store fat.

So, you can see that we have a huge relationship with weight loss and stress! We discuss ideas to help you get more into balance, and find ways to eliminate the chronic habitual stress many of us seem to live in, in our modern world.

Finding a way to calm the mind will definitely help reduce stress!

And by calming the mind we can help ourselves with both our weight loss and stress! We have found that Isochronic Tones and Binaural Beats for Meditation can be very helpful in reducing stress: For simple ways to reduce stress Click Here!

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Here at Simply Fit At Home, it is our goal to help you get fit at home. Today’s post is important because our stress levels are causing so many health issues including the negative health of being overweight.

How do you plan to make changes for your success in weight loss and stress!

Weight Loss and Stress: What Every Woman Must Know
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Weight Loss and Stress: What Every Woman Must Know
Weight loss and stress: What every woman must know.This may be the toughest lifestyle change of all - to reduce our chronic stress. It is doable, here's how
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