The Truth About Spot Reducing Equipment

Is there a truth about spot reducing equipment being effective in losing weight? Well we watch the infomercials and full page ads in our favorite magazines that boast how this amazing thigh machine or ab cruncher equipment (which is modeled by some slick muscular power couple) demonstrating how easy it is to spot reduce your fat.

As much as you may wish to carve off that extra slab of fat on your belly and as tempting as it may seem to spend 10 minutes a day melting off your thighs or spare tire, it just can’t happen that way.

Yes, you can tighten and tone your muscles, which is good in and of itself – but the fat in that spot will not directly be affected by itself. Don’t let that stop you from exercising at all. The secret to burning more body fat is to build your large muscle groups: legs, chest and back rather than thinking about spot reducing.

Muscles require a lot of energy to maintain. The more muscle you have to maintain, the more energy that’s required. Where does it get that energy? From your blood stream. Where does your blood stream get the energy? From several different places.

First of all, it gets its inst Spot Reducingant energy from the sugar already in the blood. But that’s used very quickly during heavy use. Then the liver releases its supply of sugar into the bloodstream – but that’s also quickly used within 10 minutes or so of heavy work or exercise.

The next place the body takes sugar is from the easiest place to make and convert to energy (sugar) and that is – your fat – but not necessarily the fat right where the muscle is being worked on. It takes its from all over your body. (We discussed this the other day on the subject of Ketosis with Jimmy Moore)

While you are doing 30 minutes on a gut buster machine you may feel that you will build and strengthen your ab muscles, you won’t be spot reducing and it won’t burn the adjacent fat either.

You might think you can lose inches and strengthen your body with this kind of equipment, but to expect that or to think that spot reducing to burn the fat isn’t reasonable. You can add strength training without using these pieces of equipment, for your overall strength training. Try this program for effective strength training.heavy resistance training

Building your back and chest muscles will help burn the belly fat by virtue of the fact that a good stiff workout for more than 20 minutes begins to burn fat overall. So while we all might wish for a quick fix, the facts prove that the only way to burn belly fat or any other trouble spot is to do regular moderate to heavy resistance training for your large muscle groups.

We’ll have more discussion on what kind of exercise you can do to specifically build and tone your overall body, which will result in overall fat loss. While this doesn’t target belly fat necessarily, it will take fat from that region. The trick to losing belly fat is a bit more complex and involves diet and stress reduction.

The way to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals is to do regular moderate to heavy resistance training for women.

So does spot reduction work? The truth about spot reducing equipment is that it is not effective.

Spot Reducing Myth - The Truth About The Equipment
Article Name
Spot Reducing Myth - The Truth About The Equipment
Is there a truth about spot reducing equipment being effective in losing weight? Well we watch the ads on TV & in the magazines you may think so. Let's see
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