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Fitness Habits Help You Challenge Yourself Daily For Your Best LIfe

This post was last updated:15/09/17Challenge Yourself  With Your Good Fitness Habits Will You Challenge Yourself Daily To Improve Your Fitness Habits? The fastest way to improve your fitness is to challenge yourself daily.  Make those improvements no matter how small they might be by creating daily new fitness habits. These challenges you make on a daily… Read More »

Feel Like Quitting? How Your Habits Will Keep You Going!

This post was last updated:26/06/17 How Your Habits Keep You Going When You Feel Like Quitting! Success is not a linear process and you must learn how to keep going when you feel like quitting. Thanks to Hollywood movies, many people feel like success comes quickly with maybe one or 2 setbacks. In the movies, Rocky is able to get… Read More »

Motivation and Determination – Your Most Important Allies

This post was last updated:5/05/16 Creating Great Motivation Habits Are Your Best Allies! Motivation! The most important thing that you need to keep your health and fitness program alive – even more important than an instructor or a doctor – is your own motivation. You’ve heard the saying, It’s been said about motivation that, “What motivates, motivates,… Read More »