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5 Common Primal Diet Misconceptions

Even though the diet has thousands of followers, seen a surge in popularity & has been around for years, there are many still primal diet misconceptions. These misconceptions arise through false information, a bad image of primal dieting and even marketing attempts by other fad diets to discredit the Paleo way. Just in case you’re new to reading our blog you can check out what is the paleo diet exactly, right here!

The Paleo diet is also known as the ‘primal’ diet. This is due to the fact that the primal diet somewhat resembles the way our early ancestors ate. This name has caused one of the biggest misconceptions.

The 5 Common Primal Diet Misconceptions:

  1. It is uncivilized and all about gorging yourself on meat

The Paleo diet is about eating nutrient-rich food that does not contain harmful substances and agrees with our body. It is not a re-enactment of how the actual cavemen ate. Primal dieters do not go out hunting for boars or deer and roast the meat on a flame.

The diet is about eating the correct foods and excluding the bad ones. Grains, sugar, processed foods, etc. are not allowed. This is due to the fact that these foods are neither natural nor healthy. There are millions of people who have problems with grain-based foods. So, the diet is not only about meat. Vegetables, healthy fats and fruit may be consumed too.

  1. A diet for fat loss

Fat loss is one of the benefits of a paleo diet but it is not the goal. Unlike the Atkins diet or other low-carb diets, the diet is not overly concerned about weight loss. The concept of the primal diet is to consume wholesome, healthy food and stop eating detrimental food.

Once this is achieved, weight loss naturally follows. Obesity is a growing trend around the world and it is reaching epidemic proportions. That’s because of poor food choices. The diet is a healthy way to eat and live. It is more than just fat loss.

  1. It’s is not practicalprimal diet

The Paleo diet does require some effort and preparation. That does not make it impractical. You just need to find ways to make it easier for you. Cooking your food for a few days at a time, pre-packing them in containers for ease, etc. If you are truly dedicated, you will find a way.

  1.  It’s expensive

No, it’s not. You are encouraged to buy your meat and vegetables from farmers’ markets and other suppliers. Usually, you may receive discounts and other special rates. Since you will be doing your own cooking, you’ll be spending less on food. Furthermore, since you can’t consume junk food and processed food, you will not be spending on the usual comfort foods. So, the primal diet could actually be cheaper.

  1. It’s not for women

There are many arguments for this stating that women need more carbohydrates, etc. In cases like this, it would be wise to adopt the diet. For example, if the woman feels lethargic, she may consume more carbs in the form of vegetables. The Paleo diet does not have to be rigid. Mix and match and see what suits you.

These are just a few Paleo diet misconceptions. There may be more but pay them no heed. The best way to know about anything is to try it out for yourself. Try out the primal diet for 3 weeks or a month. If you start looking and feeling better and see the Paleo diet benefits, stay on. If not, you may go back to your previous way of eating. Chances are high that once you go Paleo, you’ll never go back.

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Paleo Diet Misconceptions | 5 Common Misconceptions about the Paleo Diet
Article Name
Paleo Diet Misconceptions | 5 Common Misconceptions about the Paleo Diet
Even though the diet has thousands of followers, seen a surge in popularity & has been around for years, there are many still paleo diet misconceptions.
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