7 Muscle Building Mistakes

muscle building mistakes


Today we will discuss 7 Muscle Building Mistakes that we see regularly. There seems to be a sea of muscle building advice out there can definitely feel less like a pool of knowledge to draw applicable concepts from and more like a deluge of misinformation. Now, let’s be clear from the start that even though we are discussing muscles building mistakes today if you are a woman looking to build muscle you will not look like Arnold! And it is definitely OK for women of any age to build muscle, get strong and fit.

Here are some common muscle building mistakes I routinely see:

  1. Trying To Emulate The Pros

The top muscle building mistake is to Jump into advanced methods and programming too early on in your training. This can be disastrous early on in training, at the worst leading to injury. You have to keep in mind that your role models got the point they are now because of years of dedication. Instead of looking at what the elite lifters and bodybuilders do now, look at what they did when they started. It is important to start where you are right now. If you are a muscle building beginner we recommend The Home Workout Revolution program. This program will definitely help you avoid the beginner workout mistakes.

  1. More Is Better

I am all for hard work. I am all for more work, sometimes. The only issue here is, especially when issues like overuse injuries and stalling progress start showing up in training, most serious trainer’s initial response is to throw more work at the problem to fix it. This is a huge muscle building mistake.

I am guilty of this as well and it makes progress stall for an even longer period of time. Sometimes, the best course of action is to back off, actually, diagnose the issue, and then work a plan on to fix it before jumping into more intense training again.

  1. Work Smart, Not Hard

Simply, if you aren’t working hard and smart, you just aren’t doing anything worth doing. There is no way to reach any physical goals, or life goals for that matter, without both solid planning and a serial killer like focus to your work ethic.

  1. Relying Too Much On Supplements

Some supplements are good and they have a place for serious lifters. Unfortunately, there are way more bad than good. We always see horror stories of some kid that too much pre-workout that “accidentally” had a methamphetamine metabolite in it. Do some research here outside of a muscle magazine advertisement and realize there is no magic bullet. In fact, a proper diet with the correct intake of protein based on your lean body mass is more important than any supplement you can take. This can definitely be a huge muscle building mistake to be aware of right from the start.

  1. Food

Most beginners lack the mental fortitude to enough real food needed for consistent growth. Also, there seems to be such a stigma attached with accumulating any fat at all during a “bulk.” Realistically, the processes responsible for anabolism (storage) in the body make no differentiation between shuttling and transport systems for fat versus muscle. If you want to gain muscle, you have to accept the fact that you need to get a little puffy. Just google “off-season bodybuilder” to see what I am talking about.

  1. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Odds are, when other people begin to notice you’re taking your gains seriously, you will, unfortunately, be met with some opposition or even downright hostility. Bottom line, normal people suck. They are boring and they know it. They will see someone trying to better themselves physically and then try to impart all of their self-doubt and self-defeat onto you to make themselves feel better about not trying to achieve a goal. This is the same with any endeavor.

It’s best to give these negative people the boot and find some other people with the same mindset as you. Find training partners. Find coaches. Get to the gym and meet people who workout. Best-case scenario, you find a whole group of people stronger and bigger than you to apprentice under.

My only advice here is, don’t be a jerk and take in all the information they have to offer. Realize at this point, no matter how much you know, you know nothing.

  1. Be A Student Of The Game

This is the most important point on this list to avoid muscle building mistakes we have discussed today. Here is the key to anything worth doing. It’s a simple equation I came up with:

(Time invested + Effort) x Books Read = How much success you acquire.

If you do not commit yourself to the pursuit of knowledge on the subject, the pursuit of strength will always be significantly limited in terms of closing the gap between where you are now and what you can become.

There you have it our 7 Muscle Building Mistakes.

Now, it’s your turn.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on what muscle building mistakes you have made and how you corrected them?

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7 Muscle Building Mistakes
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7 Muscle Building Mistakes
Here are some common muscle building mistakes I routinely see and our solution so you can build muscle, get fit and feel great!
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