Mental Toughness barrier

How Are You Breaking Through The Mental Toughness Barrier!

How does a topic like breaking through mental toughness barrier have to do with getting fit at home? Here is the thing, life just loves to throw us a curveball at the most unexpected moments. Knowing how to handle this is vital if you want to break through the mental toughness barrier!  So just how do you handle things when the going starts to get really rough?

If you suddenly lose your job, your spouse gets sick or a good friend dies,friends, family and even colleagues expect you to toughen up and keep going. This isn’t as always easy as it sounds. In fact this can be very challenging!

Life’s challenges will be much easier if you begin breaking through mental toughness barrier.  I can definitely speak to this topic because in 2010 I found myself unable to get out of bed from caregiver burnout, after 7 years of  live in caregiving and then 2 months later having had a pretty serious sports injury that left me with a long, challenging rehab as well as the big cost that was not covered by the association!  My successful rehab was very much based on my breaking through mental toughness barrier.  It was dependent on how much determination I had. So if you are in a similar situation in your life right now, my question for you is how much determination do you have to  break through to your mental toughness barrier do you currently have? If you don’t have much then give yourself a goal that you passionately want. This gives you something to work towards and to look forward to.

This is exactly what I did to help me in breaking through mental toughness barrier!  I decided to focus my rehab successfully so I would be in good shape to ride my bicycle over 600 km for a charity ride in 2011!

So, are there areas in your life that you can work on to improve your mental toughness include having a more positive outlook on life.

This is why it is important to have a goal to strive for.

Goals could be to run in a marathon, lose weight, get in the shape of your life, exercise regularly, find the joy in fitness, do a Spartan or Tough Mudder race, play with your kids easily at the park, play a sport or simply get healthier by implementing a practical fitness program. Set your goal and then do everything in your power to reach it. Of course, you don’t want your goal to consume your life, but it should cause your levels of passion to rise.

For example if you are training for a marathon you don’t want to miss any training sessions. If a family member gets sick and requires your help just when you are ready to train. Go and help them but ensure that you make the time to fit in your training session. Don’t be satisfied with letting the session slip by.

When you possess the skill of breaking through mental toughness,  you demonstrate this in several ways. You always seem to be energetic and ready for anything. You don’t let changes get you down, you just roll with the flow, so to speak. Plus you have a positive outlook on life and it is hard for you to suddenly get depressed.

While this may sound fantastic, it is not out of reach for you. Yes, it does take time to reach this point. But, if you are prepared to work hard and to stay focused on your goals and passions you can achieve this trait.

A couple of great mental toughness quotes – “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson 

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.” ~Muhammad Alimental toughness

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Life is always going to get in the way to some extent. It is not the event that is important but how you handle it no matter what it is, including how you decide to get fit at home.  Share your comments below for how are you breaking through the mental toughness barrier?


Mental Toughness Barrier-How Will You Break Through?
Article Name
Mental Toughness Barrier-How Will You Break Through?
How does a topic like breaking through the mental toughness barrier have to do with getting fit at home? Life throws curveballs we must learn to handle them

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