Losing Belly Fat – The Common Myths Discussed

By | December 19, 2014

Are You Having Trouble Losing Belly Fat?

The topic of losing belly fat invariably comes up when you’re talking with people who are on a diet and or fitness plan? Yes, Losing belly fat seems to be on most people’s minds when thinking of weight loss or fitness. It seems that while the other fat is hard enough to burn off, the last fat to leave us is that which is covering our abdominal muscles. Your six pack abs may be hidden away under a slab of belly fat.

There are several issues at hand here, so over the coming discussions, we’ll dig into the factors involved in fat loss in general, but specifically how to lose belly fat. To begin with, we’ll look at common myths about fat loss.

Then we’ll molosing belly fatve on to what exercises can help, what specific dietary advice will help reduce fat, touch on ab workouts and their effectiveness for belly fat loss and finally what minor lifestyle changes to make that will accelerate fat loss as you uncover six pack abs.

Losing Belly Fat Myths

To start off, let’s dispel some common misunderstandings about fat loss. Namely, spot fat burning. This means trying to burn fat in a particular trouble spot: the belly, the thighs, the butt – wherever you have excess fat. The body is a bit more complex than that.

It’s tempting to think that we can burn fat like we can harvest trees for firewood: take a little here and take a lot there. But it just doesn’t work that way. Doing sit ups and crunches will tighten and tone the abdominal muscles and strengthen your pelvic girdle. You may even lose several inches as a result of toning, but there’s still that stubborn layer of fat clinging to your belly.

Why? Your body uses fat differently than you might think. To top that off, it stores fat differently than you think, too. And then there’s the fact that there are different types of stored body fat, some of which are easier to lose than others.

How to get rid of belly fat? Not by spot reducing!

When it comes to spot fat burning, there’s no way to physically do it. Despite all of the hype and outright lies in the diet and fitness industry, you can’t decide to just lose belly fat. You have to treat it with an overall fitness plan with sound nutrition as well as consider reducing lifestyle habits that add to the mix.

We’ll talk more about each of these in the coming discussions. But just know that there are no magic pills or specific exercises, no exotic herbs that make your belly fat disappear without affecting the rest of your body.

We’ll talk about simple and effective dietary tips, how to save yourself the grief of wasted time and energy on useless exercises, what if any pills can help your fat loss efforts, and how you can target your belly fat through lifestyle changes.

There are some key principles that will surely help you when it comes to losing belly fat and getting healthy.

You can begin thinking about these key principles and even take some time to write your thoughts down on paper.fat loss

Start with your why! I have written about this many times because it is the most important gift you can give yourself if you want to have the success at losing belly fat, or whatever else you desire. WHY you want to succeed, change will make it happen when the road gets challenging and you want to quit.  Your WHY will keep you going.

Connect your mind to your outcome! Here is what I mean. In the past when I had attempted to lose weight I really never had success. I only ever tried doing what I had already done. Yet when I had great success it was because I took a different path. My success path was seeing myself in a smaller body, buying clothes that were a smaller size and in my case, I created goals of one size smaller at the time. Mostly because it was easy. The important point of this message is to feel the change, see the change and this feeling along with the vision will keep you committed to your goal.

Finally journal your progress daily! This allows you to express the feelings, the vision of your why and how you are succeeding day to day. This small wins on a daily basis will keep you moving forward!

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Have you taken the time to write down your Why when it comes to losing belly fat?



Losing Belly Fat - The Common Myths Discussed
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Losing Belly Fat - The Common Myths Discussed
What topic invariably comes up when you're talking with people who are on a diet and or fitness plan? Losing belly fat. Here is what we have to say
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