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By | November 24, 2014

Health First Then Lose Weight For Your Lifetime Success

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In the whole journey to lose weight, I think we have it all wrong! Our focus must be health first and if we do it right we will lose weight without the struggle, feeling deprived and uncomfortableness of past diets!

Here is what I mean. There is no magic bullet for health or any weight loss plans that will be beneficial for a lifetime of weight loss success It is just that simple.

There is a formula for health first then lose weight.

Health First Looks Like This:

  • Proper Diet

We are all different and there is no one right diet for everyone. We believe in Primal Pattern Typing, a unique way of each for each person. The common aspect of Primal Pattern Typing is we all make our diet be real foods, always the best quality food we can (veggies, fruits, beans/legumes (if you eat these foods), dairy (again if you can eat dairy), meats (pastured is best without question) same for poultry, wild fish, nuts/seeds, cook your own foods, buy organic, eat fresh to live fresh

  • Movement Matters And You Must Have Proper Movement

Get moving because it matters if you desire health first then lose weight. One of the best ways to get moving is to walk. You do not need any special equipment and you can get outside. Walk around the block, take the family or simply enjoy a peaceful 20 minutes out in the neighborhood.

  • Proper Sleep

sleep is really the forgotten health ingredient and is a huge health issue today for reducing stress and anxiety. In fact, I heard a while back that if we just focused on better sleep most of the health issues people suffer from today would just go away! That is how important sleep is for better health. Remember better sleep, better health, less stress, lose weight

  • Have a Support System In Place

Change can be a huge challenge and if you don’t have the support system in place to succeed it just won’t happen. And I know this is true because I could not have made all the changes I have made without my partner and the support system that we have in place!

When we really think about our journey and the wisdom in that journey must be health first and really begin to realize that we are not destined to live with the poor health, illness of our family or friends. If we begin to look at improving health then lose weight our journey will be triumphant!

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to know your WHY!

It really does start here and it really is that SIMPLE! And sometimes if it sounds simple we make it hard and unachievable! (The Desire Map Experience: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul (MP3))

Why do you want to gain your health and lose weight? What drives you to succeed at this goal? How will it feel for you to achieve better health and how will it feel to lose weight? Write this down and really feel it! Once you do that then gain the knowledge you need to have success with your health and to lose weight, and find the support from people who are around you or find NEW people to support you.

This is how important support is for success.

I began this journey to lose weight many years ago and can share from my experience that finding my health first then moving on to lose weight began with being with my mother in the hospital where she had fallen and broke her hip. I knew if I didn’t make the changes necessary to regain my health I would be her in the years to come. That vision of change has fuelled me all these years and continues to fuel my better health first then lose weight goals!

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So, what is your WHY to find health first then lose weight?

Health First Then Lose Weight For Your Lifetime Success
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Health First Then Lose Weight For Your Lifetime Success
In the whole journey to lose weight I think we have it all wrong! Health must be first then we lose weight for a lifetime of success! Join the discussion.
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