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Change How You  Train With Kettlebell Fitness

Kettlebell fitness will change how you train at home!  Are you tired of wasting your hard earned money on a gym membership you never use?  Well now is the time to take your training to a level you never thought was possible with this at home training program!

You can train at home and get fitness results you never realized were possible for you. Check out why kettlebell fitness might be just the solution to your training at home today!

Join the Kettlebell Fitness Revolution!

Would you like to lose fat faster than ever before without going to a stinky, dirty, over-priced mega-gym and without being forced to spend hundreds of dollars on workout equipment that just turns your house into a cluttered mess of exercise machines, dumbbells, benches, and balls?

5 Benefits of Kettlebell Fitness:

  1. The kettlebell is very portable.  You can take it with you in the car, which most certainly makes it more effective to get a training session in if away.
  2. The kettlebell is inexpensive when compared to a gym membership or purchasing a piece of fitness equipment.
  3. The kettlebell is a very effective training tool, for those with a limit on their time available to exercise.  A training at home session can be done is as short a time as 15 minutes, working the total body! Awesome by the way!
  4. Kettlebell Fitness can be learned by anyone who is looking for a way to exercise.  Learning proper technique with the kettlebell can be achieved quickly
  5. Fitness Kettlebell Workout is Fun!  If you are looking for a great way to get fit, really be able to challenge yourself in all areas of training, cardio, muscular, strength, endurance etc… Then Kettlebell fitness program is for you.

Avoid These Kettlebell Fitness Program Beginner Mistakes

The kettlebell is one of the greatest fitness tools in the world today.  If you respect it, it can do unimaginable good things to your body.  However, if you disrespect it, you can be sent to the emergency room in seconds and end up in traction.  Don’t make the common mistakes that others often make and you’ll end up fine.  Here’s a short list to get you headed in the right direction.

1.  Only Take Advice From A Qualified Instructor – The internet is a great place to get baseline information about exercise and training methods, but, it can also be just as ugly as it is pretty.  The popular internet video-sharing site known as YouTube is a common resource that people go to for workouts and exercises.  The problem is, a high majority of this user-submitted footage is just simply fluff.

The form is horrible and they appoint themselves as experts when they have no business doing so.  If you refer to YouTube or any other media source for kettlebell info, make sure the person doing the demo is legit.

You can tell they are if they have an RKC or StrongFirst certification.  These are the two gold standard certifications in the game and they’re all you need to concern yourself with.  Stay away from anyone else who’s giving advice on kettlebells, regardless of how fancy they act or look, or even if they are on infomercials.  They are NOT legit and you should approach with caution.

2.  Workout Barefoot – Kettlebells should always be done in bare feet.  When you wear those ghastly, thick-padded sneakers your heels are elevated and it feels like you are standing on
sponges.  This takes away your balance and causes instability in the ankles.kettlebell fitness

When you are barefoot, on the other hand, you can “root” your feet and heels into the ground which causes better stability and force production.  If you are working out in a gym and are not able to go barefoot, invest in a pair of minimalist shoes or flat-soled shoes.  The key is to always have your feet as close and flat to the ground as possible.

3.  Keep Your Wrists Straight – When you do exercises like cleans, presses, snatches, squats, Turkish Get-Up, and windmills, you need to rest the bell on the back of your forearm.  A big mistake beginners often make is they bend their wrists.  This will not only place a lot of undue stress on your wrist joint, but it will also give you one heck of a bruise.  Keep your wrists straight at all times.

4. Hinge Your Hips On The Kettlebell Swing – The Kettlebell swing is probably the most incorrectly performed kettlebell exercise of them all.  It is not a squat with forwarding raise.  It’s a swing.  Your knees should never be bent 90 degrees and you should never, ever lift or lower the kettlebell with your arms—they are only used to guide the trajectory of the weight.

Bend your knees slightly and hinge your hips backward.  Your thighs and back should assume about 45-degree angles on the back swing and your shins should be vertical to the ground.  Snap your hips forward forcefully to move the kettlebell and never let it go higher than chest level.

Winging the kettlebell way over your head is called an American swing, which is an ill-advised movement.  Going to chest height is called a Russian Kettlebell Swing.

Although the American swing is quite popular on gym floors and in certain workout programs, it places your shoulders into a threat because they do not have adequate movement capacity.  You are better served to stick with the Russian Kettlebell Swing style.

Safety Tips For Kettlebell Fitness Workouts

No matter what type of workouts or weight training you do, safety should always be a number one concern. Here are some important safety considerations and tips as they apply specifically to Kettlebells.

Proper Warm Ups – Warm up is important for any exercise and Kettlebells are no exceptions. In fact, it’s never a good idea to begin training with weights while cold. Warm up with stretches, and some light cardio to get the blood flowing and to loosen muscles.

Remain Focused – The moves and unique ways that Kettlebells are used to build lean muscle tone and burn fat require that you always stay focused. Concentrate on the movements, the grip of the Kettlebell and do not let your mind wander.

It is very important to respect the Kettlebell’s movements and remain highly focused on them at all times to avoid injury.

Space – It is important to make sure and have the proper space to workout with Kettlebells, this includes being out of the way of furniture and other people. If the Kettlebell should slip you can break a coffee table or worse yet, a fellow trainer’s toe.

Control The Kettlebell – Kettlebell routines are unique because of the shape of the weight and the movements used in specific exercises. It is important to make sure YOU control the Kettlebell and not the other way around.

Respect The Kettlebell – Always respect the weight you have in hand, no matter the size of Kettlebells you are using. The dynamic movements of Kettlebell workouts are different than lifting and toning with free weights, so keep that in mind to be sure and avoid injury to yourself and others.

By learning and following the ideas here on Kettlebell Fitness you will definitely feel great about your kettlebell workout program!

We Recommend The Following Kettlebell Training Programs for you:

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Kettlebell Fitness Program - Train At Home!
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Kettlebell Fitness Program - Train At Home!
We are introducing Kettlebell fitness program that will change how you train at home! Are you tired of wasting your hard earned money on a gym membership?
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