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By | December 9, 2014

This Is Better Than Intervals: You Will Say Intense


Today we are going to share a program that is better than intervals. You have heard that intervals are better than cardio, right? So, do you hate cardio exercise? I know for sure that I hate cardio. Don’t we all?

Well, sadly, no. I worked in a gym for a year when I began my personal training career and every day when I would go to work there was the row upon row of cardio machines jammed with magazine readers hoping to lighten the load of their belly fat. Yet this would not be the case. Did you know that traditional cardio exercise increases your cortisol production and can lead to muscle and strength loss?

And in a recent study at the University of Tampa, it showed that adding ‘Jogging’ to a weight training program decreased strength gains by 50%.

So, if you’re getting weaker you’re losing muscle. And if you’re losing muscle, your fat percentage is going up. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be stronger and leaner than weaker and fatter for sure, no question about it. Yet another reason NOT to do traditional cardio exercise.

Here’s the ultimate cardio exercise replacement 

Sure, we all know about using intervals in our training, and I have written about it often, however, let’s face it, you can get too much of a good thing. If you notice that you’re feeling your performance is lacking, you’re getting weaker, losing muscle and generally just looking ‘soft’, it may be time to put intervals on vacation.

This is better than intervals (intense) and a program that will burn fat, boost metabolism and build muscle in 20 minutes or less?

If you want to look like (and feel like) a hot superhero, build your strength and coordination, and make everyday activities so much easier…

… just use this better than intervals approach for 20 minutes or less.

This approach (once only used with athletes) will strip off body fat and build rock solid muscles at the same time because of the metabolic and progressive approach.

Shake up your program with something completely different.

Go ahead and Put ‘cardio’ and ‘HIIT Intervals’ on the shelf and try this 

One of the main attractions of this turbocharged workout routine is that you can accomplish more toward your fitness goals in a much shorter amount of time.   Who doesn’t want to get more benefit out of their time? It all leads to the same fat-busting, muscle building results.

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Let us know how you are progressing with The Challenge Complex Better Than Intervals program!


Intervals| Better Than Cardio & You Will Say Intense
Article Name
Intervals| Better Than Cardio & You Will Say Intense
You have heard that intervals are better than cardio, right? So, do you hate cardio exercise? I know for sure that I hate cardio. Don't we all? New program
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