Safety Precautions of (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is well known as the workout that burns more fat than any other exercise, including, stair steppers, running and elliptical machines.

HIITThis highly intensive routine includes bursts of very intense activity followed by short periods of rest that include slower pace exercises.

The intensity seen in the short bursts with HIIT require certain safety precautions in order to avoid injury and to make sure that the exercise will offer you all the benefits that it’s supposed to.

Basic Fitness Level For An Effective HIIT Workout

HIIT is not a good starting point for those who have never or have hardly ever worked out. It is important to start with some type of simple cardio first, such as, an exercise bike or an elliptical machine to build up your fitness and endurance.

It is also an option to do HIIT at the same time, but, start out by doing it only once per week for 7 to 10 minute and increase the time as you get more and more fit.

Warm Up Correctly For Your HIIT Workout Session

Start out with a stretch to loosen the muscles. Then do some walking in place to get the heart going. Without a proper warm up you risk muscle and tendon injury.

It is also important to cool down and not just stop with HIIT, you want to slow the pace of your last exercise as the workout comes to an end and keep doing it at a slow pace until your heart stops racing.

If You Are New To HIIT Pace Yourself

If you are new to HIIT then you can create your own program where the intense periods are shorter than the rest ones. For example, you can begin with 30 second intense intervals and 90 second active rest periods. Then as you get stronger and more fit you can shorten the rest periods and increase the intense ones.

Listen To Your Body

It is imperative when doing this type of intense workout to listen to your body. If you need a longer rest period, take it.

If you feel like you just can’t go on, then cool down, and stop for that session. Don’t force yourself when it is so hard on the body that you feel like you are going to fall over.

Remember it takes time to build up the proper endurance and fitness level that is required for HIIT, keep at it and you will see that in time you will be a HIIT rockstar and one without any injuries.


If you feel any type of intense pain, or discomfort, beyond the usual healthy kind, such as, muscle burns that come from working out, then it’s best to stop and reevaluate to make sure there has not been any type of muscle or tendon damage.

Maintain Good Formhigh intensity training

Make sure to maintain proper form when doing any of the exercise in HIIT. There are many options and choices, including, various calisthenics, such as, jumping jacks and burpees or you can simply do intervals of very fast running and walking.

Whichever options you choose for your HIIT workout make sure to maintain proper form at all times to avoid injury.

Watch videos from experts on YouTube, or better yet get one of the many great HIIT workout DVDs available to learn the proper technique, form and routines.

Final Thoughts on Training

HIIT is one of the best ways to burn fat and reshape your body very quickly as many of the exercises are full body toning workouts that work all the muscle groups, including the abs.

But, with this particular workout it’s even more important to take safety precautions that will ensure you remain safe at all times.

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Share how you implement safety precautions for your HIIT training in the comments below?

HIIT-The Safety Precautions of High Intensity Training!
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HIIT-The Safety Precautions of High Intensity Training!
HIIT is well known as the workout that burns more fat than any other exercise, including, stair steppers, running and elliptical machines. Learn more here
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