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If I were to provide you with healthy tips would you follow them?  You may or you may not right?  Well, it seems to me that most people today are looking for a quick fix when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.  In fact, the road to health and fitness is really simple!

There are only 6 pillars to health and fitness.  Thinking, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep.  It is that simple.  Follow these 6 pillars and the healthy tips included will get you to your goals.  The challenge is these days many of us have lost touch with some or all of these pillars.  Today I will share the healthy tips based on these 6 pillars.  Which may seem weird however read all the way through and I feel you will see some info that will change how you think about health!

Our Best Healthy Tips – The Six Pillars:

  • Thinking– is an extremely vital when looking at the 6 pillars of healthy eating and fitness!  The success you have in both your eating and exercise are dependent on how you think.  Your thoughts can have a profound effect on eating and health.  Thoughts affect every cell in the body.  Therefore you must be responsible for your thought processes.  Thoughts manifest into words, creating a powerful physical outcome.  What this means for you is you must think about what you eat/exercise, how you eat/exercise, who you eat/exercise with/ why you eat/exercise, where you eat/exercise to bring out your best results.
  • Breathing –  we take 29,000 breaths a day and not many people breath well!  This is truly vital to learn how to breathe well for feeling better and your daily lifestyle.



Tips For Healthy Living

  • Hydration: water is the substance of life. The definition of water: colorless, odorless, tasteless and clear.  Did you know that most people can not tell the difference from hunger and thirst and will eat something to satisfy the feeling?  Drinhealthy eatingk ½ your body weight in ounces daily.   If feeling hungry have a glass of water.  After 20 minutes still hungry then eat as you really are hungry.  Simple way to get 8 glasses of water daily: on waking up, at each meal and snacks, before bed, with exercise this will be a challenge as you start, stick with it as it is worth it
  • Nutrition – how much thought are you putting into your eating habits and your exercise habits? Most don’t put much in and then wonder why they are not getting good results.  Eating REAL FOOD, eliminate SUGAR & ALL GRAINS is the easiest place to start.  Dr. Tom O’Bryan states that “No human can digest gluten.”
  • Exercise – is as simple as moving!  Get off the couch and move.  Go for a walk, do something fun, bodyweight exercise, kettlebells, skipping, sprinting are all exceptional ways to exercise.  The most important point is to find an activity you really enjoy and do that often.
  • Sleep – the throwaway commodity!  Lack of sleep causes many health problems. I heard Robb Wolfe say that if people just went to sleep earlier most illness would just go away.

So there you have it, our health tips of the day!

Now some of you may not realize that all 6 pillars will determine your success!

And if you don’t know how to prepare delicious REAL FOOD where you can eliminate all the sugar and grains check out the Paleo Cookbook  it will help you get on track for better results immediately.healthy eating

If you are looking for a very effective training program for your home exercise I highly recommend Turbulence Training.  I have been using this TT program for years.  It is awesome and can be used from very beginners to experienced individuals.  LINK 


We would appreciate hearing your ideas and healthy tips.

Have you made any lifestyle changes with the healthy tips we shared today?





Healthy Tips! The Six Pillars To Health & Fitness
Article Name
Healthy Tips! The Six Pillars To Health & Fitness
If I were to provide you with healthy eating and exercise tips would you follow them? Many will not yet it can be quite simple by following 6 principals
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