The Health Effects of Soda & Soft Drinks On Your Best Life!

The heal Health Effectsth effects of soda and soft drinks are many, some may even say these drinks are toxic! Soft drinks do contain a handful of harmful ingredients. Among these ingredients, you’ll find artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, water, sugar, and caffeine. So what are the harmful effects of soft drinks?

Weight Gain, Metabolic Syndrome, and Type 2 Diabetes to name a few!

While America’s consumption of soda seems to be decreasing, between 1977 and 2002 it doubled and along with it doubled the obesity rate. True, this is a correlation and soda may not necessarily be the cause of the obesity epidemic, but it certainly makes you pay attention to the possibility.

One soda a day adds about 150 calories to your daily diet. That’s 54750 calories annually which adds up to a whopping 15.64 pounds. Think about how quickly the weight can add on if you have more than an average of one soda a day.

Couple the weight gain with the fact that the sugar in soda causes a spike in blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar levels spike, your body receives a signal from your pancreas to release insulin and stimulate your cells to take in glucose. Your cells take it in and then you have a dramatic drop in energy and blood sugar levels. So you crave something sugary, something that your body can break down quickly to provide you with a fast energy source.

You eat something sweet or starchy like potato chips and the process repeats itself. If you’re not burning the sugars as fast as your cells are taking them in, they start to ignore the signals from your pancreas. You start to become insulin resistant. Your body instead, stores the sugar as fat and you develop diabetes.

The good news about these health effects

The good news about this process is that it’s reversible. Stop consuming sugary sodas and starchy treats and eat whole foods instead, and your body begins to respond. Your blood sugar levels even out, your cells take up the energy they’re supposed to and you feel better and lose weight.

Keep in mind that the FDA recommends no more than 10 teaspoons of sugar each day. One can of soda contains all the sugar you should have in a day. If you eat anything else with sugar in a day where you drink a soda, you’re going over the recommended daily allowance and let’s be clear that there is added sugar in everything from soup to ketchup to things that are supposed to be healthy for you like yogurt and milk.

In a single day without drinking a soda, most Americans exceed this RDA. And sugar has been linked to a number of diseases beyond Type 2 Diabetes including cancer, heart disease, mental decline and more. (Check out this article about The Health Effects of Soda and Soft Drinks if you want more info)

You’ll hear some people say that a calorie is a calorie and that your body needs sugar. Your body does need sugar but here’s the thing, it breaks down everything you eat into simple sugars. Consuming processed sugar in the place of fruits or vegetables isn’t the same. Some calories are better for you than others.

Hopefully, you can now see the effects of soda and soft drinks?

Water is the best option to replace the soda and soft drinks.  You will be hydrated and this is especially important for your health and fitness success!

And just in case you are thinking that you will replace your sugar bomb soft drink with diet please don’t! Aspartame is toxic for the brain and in no way a good substitute!

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So we hopefully have shown you there are no benefits for you in drinking soft drinks and health?

How have you realized the health effects of soda and soft drinks in your life and how have you been able to eliminate them?

The Health Effects of Soda and Soft Drinks On Your Best Life!
Article Name
The Health Effects of Soda and Soft Drinks On Your Best Life!
The health effects of soda and soft drinks are many,some may even say these drinks are toxic! Soft drinks do contain a handful of ingredients that are toxic

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