Good Habits Help You Get Excited About Fitness

By | May 28, 2015

Your Good Habits Help You Get Excited About Fitness

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New Good Habits Will Help You Get Excited About Fitness! There is no other way to get excited about fitness than to create good habits. Did you know that it takes approximately 21 days to form a new good habit and when you think about it that isn’t long at all? How would you feel if by this time next month you were in a position to love your workout routines because it was now a solid part of your daily good habits?

Of course at first, it will take a concentrated effort to make time each day for exercise to become one of your good habits. You will need to stay focused and motivated to achieve this.

Use your goal of wanting to be fit, healthy and feeling great to keep you on track.

If you are someone that finds it best to exercise first thing in the morning before you do anything else then you may want to get up forty-five minutes earlier. Set your alarm clock to go off early and put your workout clothes ready where you can see them. When your clock goes off and you see your clothes waiting for you, it will be easier to get out of bed and get moving. You see good habits are simply a way for you to set yourself up for the “win to achieve your goals”!

When you exercise first thing in the morning you will feel more energetic and will find that it is much easier to get things done at work. You may even find that your productivity increases substantially.

Get Excited About The Good Habits of Exercise With Apps

To form your the new habits of exercise,  it can help to use some form of tracker and log. There are plenty of Fitness Tracker Apps that you can download. Or you can use a calendar and check off your exercise each day. I have found that a journal is a fantastic way to log your training and get excited about fitness because you will see how you are improving as well as making strides to accomplish your goals.

Whether it be lifting more weight, doing more reps, or increasing the intensity you will see it right away with your journal.

When first starting out it’s OK to have your large goals or the long game of what you are looking to achieve. Yet you will also want to create small goals that you can achieve quickly, easily and effortlessly to keep you on track. Instead of beginning with walking for 20 minutes a day five times a week decrease it to 3 times a week and reduce the minutes to 10. If you haven’t exercised in a very long time you may find that 5 minutes of walking each day is all you can manage. Don’t worry as each week goes by you can slowly add minutes until you reach your goal of 20 minutes or more. Again these simple modifications to your plan will get you excited because of the habits you are implementing daily into your routine.

By actually attaining a goal your self-confidence and motivation levels are increased. This helps to spur you on into exercising regularly. Before you know it you will be waking up each morning eager to exercise. And then you have the good habits of exercise! Feeling great. So get excited about fitness today with these new good habits.

Good Habits Help You Get Excited About Fitness!


I read Tyler Bramlett’s book 27 Habits recently and I highly suggest if you truly want to get excited about fitness you get his book right now! He is offering his book at a special price for a limited time! What I really find the most valuable about the information in Tyler’s book and why it is so vital for you to get your copy is the simplicity. Many times when we are learning how to create new habits it feels hard. Not with 27 Habits. You can really create the “winnable” for yourself and truly find your way to get excited about fitness once and for all! Get 27 Good HABITS HERE  and set yourself up with good habits for life!

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Be sure to share how you get excited about fitness through the good habits you are creating in your life, below!

Get Excited About Fitness With These New Habits
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Get Excited About Fitness With These New Habits
There is no other way to get excited about fitness than to create a new fitness habit. It takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit Check it out here
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