Fitness Tips As You Age For Your Best Life! No More Excuses!

Fitness tipsToday we want to share our fitness tips as you age so you will finally get moving with no more excuses! We know that a lot of people look for any excuse they can to not exercise.  Getting up in age ranks pretty high on the list but it couldn’t be any more backward.  As you get older, it is more important to exercise and stay in the best shape you possibly can.  Haven’t you ever heard of graceful aging?  Well, that doesn’t happen by being inactive.

Although there are a lot of fitness tips as you age, probably the most important is to improve your balance.  The risk of falling increases more and more with every year that you’re alive.

That may sound scary, but it’s the truth.

Surviving a fall is one thing, but surviving and being incapacitated is another.  If you work on balance training regularly, you can prevent falls or at least make them less serious if you do happen to have one.

Simply standing on one leg while doing household chores is a good strategy.  Try brushing your teeth, cooking dinner, talking on the phone and watching TV while standing on each foot.  Make sure to have a prop nearby to grasp onto in case you do lose your balance.

Strength training is another thing that should never be overlooked when you age.  Brittle bones break a lot easier than strong ones and hip fractures are a leading cause of permanent disability in aging adults.  If you were to do weight and load-bearing exercise you can reduce your risk tenfold.  This is especially important for women to avoid osteoporosis.

weight-bearing exercise

The weight-bearing exercise involves gravity pushing down on your body as you move.

Walking and jogging are two really good forms of weight-bearing exercise.  The load-bearing exercise involves lifting weights.  When you lift weights, your muscles contract and pull against your bones, making them stronger.

Aim for two to three workouts a week that involve load-bearing exercise and perform exercises that target all of your major muscle groups like bench presses, shoulder presses, back rows, triceps extensions, biceps curls, and squats.  Add another two or three days of weight-bearing exercise and you’re set.

Hiring a personal trainer is always a good idea too.  Seek out one who has experience working with elderly clients.  Often times they will have an actual certification specific to this.  A personal trainer will know exactly how to craft your workouts based on your abilities, limitations and past interests.  They can also help keep you motivated to stay on track.

Flexibility is one more issue you need to take into consideration.

Part of the aging process involves muscles that become less elastic.  Tight muscles make all forms of daily activities more challenging, like reaching into cabinets, opening car doors, tying shoes and reaching over your shoulder to scratch an itch.

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You want to be able to move as smoothly as possible, which you can achieve with dedicated flexibility training.  You are best served to attend a yoga class or if you are like me and train at home I hight recommend checking out Genius of Flexibility.  In every class, you are guaranteed to get a good stretch in all of the major muscles of the body.  It’s also really good for stress reduction and circulation.

Look for specific yoga classes at a local gym or independent studio or use Genius of Flexibility in the comfort of your home.

Overall, just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you have to suffer physical effects.  Jack LaLanne was 97 years old when he died and he was in better shape than most people in their early 20s.  That’s because he was dedicated and did the right things to keep his body as fit as possible.  You have the power to do the same thing.  Just be patient and only do what you are capable of.

OK, so these are some of our fitness tips as you age, no more excuses.

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personal trainer

If you are unsure how to begin to get fit we highly recommend The Home Workout Revolution System – with the follow along videos to help you move through the weight bearing exercises to do at home to help you get fit and live your best life!  Get fit at home now with this follow along program

It is your turn now to comment below on the fitness tips as you age that you will implement now?

Fitness Tips As You Age For Your Best Life! No More Excuses!
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Fitness Tips As You Age For Your Best Life! No More Excuses!
Today we want to share our fitness tips as you age so you will finally get moving with no more excuses! You have the power to get moving. Check it out
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