Let’s Look At Your Daily Fitness Motivation For Your Best Life

So today the question is does daily fitness motivation really work in keeping you on track to achieve your best life! A survey once showed that the number 1 resolution that most people make  fitness motivationon New Year’s Day is to lose weight or get fit. The survey also went on to show that this very same resolution was the one most often broken by end January or February.

“You are the culmination of your habits.”

Regardless of whether or not you know what the right thing to do is…

Your daily habits — the things you do without even thinking about it, will ultimately define who you are and how your body looks.

Exercise is the perfect example. You know this for sure if you have ever made that New Year’s Resolution, right?

Most people think they need to find the “secret to motivation” to stay consistent with exercise. When in reality…

There is no secret!

Motivation is a MYTH! Here’s why. For example, even after decades of consistent training, most athletes are only motivated to work out about HALF the time.

If that! In other words, it just happens automatically because they have built the habit and ritual of exercise into their daily routine.

So whether they feel like it or not, they do it anyway.

Yes, you can use things like:

– Accountability
– Setting achievable goals
– Giving yourself rewards
– Creating deadlines or entering a contest
– Hiring a coach or trainer

All these things will help.

But they’ll never work permanently unless you know how to build them into your life as a habit and ritual.

Fortunately, there is a method used way back in 1949 by Donald Hebb, Ph.D. from Harvard that’s been proven to work.  And it might just change your life.

Read about it here: ==> Transform Your BAD Habits Into GOOD Ones

Today, I’ve listed 6 ways to keep your Workout Motivation or habit to allow you to keep on keeping on. When the going gets tough, these tips will keep you going. When you don’t see the results as fast as you want, these methods will give you the patience and persistence to forge ahead.

Defining your daily motivation

  1. Write down why you want to lose weight, get fit, build muscle, etc. Define a strong why. Keep asking why until you get to the real truth. Why do you want to lose weight? Because you want to fit into the swimsuit? Why? So you look good at the beach? Why must you look good at the beach? So, your spouse/partner admires your figure and thinks you’re hot. THAT is the why. To be admired and desired. Keep digging till you get to the truth.
  2. Find a training partner so that each of you can encourage each other when one of you is down.

    This is a super fantastic way to keep your daily fitness motivation, it really is beneficial, makes training fun and rewarding.

  3. Do NOT stop. If your schedule was very busy on a certain day and you do not have time for a workout, do not just skip it and feel guilty. Do a quick 10 minutes of push-ups and squats.   Or maybe skipping for 15 minutes in intervals. A quick workout that leaves you gasping for air. It will make you feel better and you’d have burnt a few calories too.
  4. Change your workouts often. Keep your body guessing and it’ll be interesting for you too. Do not let your training become monotonous and predictable.
  5. Listen to music while training. It beats listening to your panting and gasping. Change your music often too. Music that is upbeat, catchy and with fast beats.
  6. One of the simplest ways to stay on track with your fitness training it to work out at home!  Use a program that will not need much or any equipment, maybe even just a kettlebell.  This way you will have one less excuse.

All of us go through periods when we are feeling down or just not in the mood to train/exercise. It is perfectly normal. The key point to note is that if you’re not in the mood for a long workout, just do a short one.

Let Tyler Bramlett provide a clear solution to the lack of daily fitness motivation with his 27 Habits program.  A proven program to help you achieve whatever you set your mind to with easy, doable steps to win each and every day!

Never stop and never give up. Read your “why” that you wrote before, whenever you just feel like quitting. Remember your “why”, and then get back on track.

This will keep you on track and your daily fitness motivation will allow you to reach the goals that you set out to accomplish!


Daily Fitness Motivation For Your Best Life!
Article Name
Daily Fitness Motivation For Your Best Life!
So today the question is does daily fitness motivation really work in keep you on track to achieve your goals! "You are the culmination of your habits."
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