Challenge Yourself  With Your Good Fitness Habits

Will You Challenge Yourself Daily To Improve Your Fitness Habits? The fastest way to improve your fitness is to challenge yourself daily.  Make those improvements no matter how small they might be by creating daily new fitness habits.

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These challenges you make on a daily basis will help you to develop a winning mindset where you know that every day you are getting better in some way.

Even if, in the course of a whole workout you only manage to challenge yourself to do a few more repetitions in one exercise or lift a few pounds more weight in one exercise you have made an improvement. This is another step up the ladder for your fitness habits success. It took me a long time to realize how huge of a success this point is. I ask you not to miss it! This is why your fitness habits are so vital to your success. They move you toward your desired goals.

Fitness Habits Help For The Bad Days

Naturally, there will be days when you are low on energy or are feeling lethargic for one reason or another. On days like that, just accept that simply going to the gym or exercising is a bonus in itself. Sometimes it is wise to make special notes when you aren’t feeling 100% to track if this is a pattern for you.  The showing up at the gym might be your biggest challenge and it is important to honor those days as the successes they are!

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We all have ‘off’ days and that is something that we need to accept.

If we get these days more often than not then it is time to look at other aspects of your lifestyle. You may want to ask yourself, what is not working right now?

It could be something as simple as not having enough water during the day. Or possibly not getting enough sleep at night. It could also be from overtraining where the body isn’t getting enough time to recuperate between exercise days. It might be from the food you ate and how we are reacting to it. These are huge challenges for our body to handle. By making notes we will begin to see the patterns of our day to day lifestyle.

Your Small Fitness Habits Challenge You Weekly or Else!

If you won’t challenge yourself to make some small improvements to your fitness habits and your plan on a weekly basis by challenging yourself, then it is time to start looking at your training program to determine what needs changing. Your program or your mindset?

Small changes that seem minor at the time can produce outstanding results over the period of a few months or more. These same small changes can add years to your life so they are well worth aiming for.belly fat

Fitness Habits Resources

If you want to learn how to develop strong positive habits (don’t we all) then Tyler Bramlett’s program 27 Habits is for you! WARNING: This Is NOT Just Another Diet And Exercise Book.  You and I both know that there are plenty of diet and exercise books on the market. This is NOT one of them! Not even close~ Instead, this book will teach you the 27 habits that I have identified are the most powerful habits you can form if you want to permanently change your body and life.

Core Activation Sequence – 3 Of The Worlds Most Popular Ab Exercises That Will NEVER Burn Belly Fat OR Give You Lean Toned Abs.  (#3 can actually HURT you!) You will want to use this program if your goal is to lose belly fat

Female Fat Loss Over 40:  Incredible  For Women Over 40.  Fat Burning Workouts designed by Shawna K,  a 40 + woman for women looking to succeed! Burn Fat with Shawna K’s powerful and empowering Female Fat Loss Over 40 program with exercises to lose weight!

Share your biggest challenge in developing your best fitness habits to improve the results you desire?

Challenge Yourself Daily To Improve Fitness
Article Name
Challenge Yourself Daily To Improve Fitness
The fastest way to improve your fitness is to challenge yourself daily to make improvements no matter how small they might be. Check out how to improve now
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Stacey W· April 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm

Finally getting better at setting challenges and following through!

    Wendy Bottrell· April 28, 2016 at 1:52 pm


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