How To Stick With Fitness Goals On Vacation

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We are planning a vacation soon and I want to share our 6 tips to help you stick with fitness goals when you go on a vacation. Ah, vacation, that trusted time of rest, relaxation, and indulgence. A long holiday is usually a time when we give in to temptation; coming home 10 lbs. heavier than we were when we left.

Well, maybe that is how you think of vacation. Throwing out all your hard work on the fitness goals you say you want to achieve. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way! How do I know this? I know this because in my last 5 vacations the exact opposite has been true for me. No weight gain, no temptation and on track to continue to meet my goals when I get home.


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How do you stick to your fitness goals when you’re on vacation?

Stay focused on your nutrition

Or like I heard from Craig Ballantyne creator of Home Workout Revolutionhas a rule about your nutrition. Okso that sounds crazy, right? Rules about what you eat? Yes! When I made the decision to eat no wheat, grains or gluten I made the rule to eat a more paleo diet, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. This rule has allowed me to go on vacation and not throw away my fitness goals because I continue to eat the same each and every day!

Allowing yourself to have a rule about your nutrition you don’t have to pressure yourself, have the willpower or give in to temptation. You are free to enjoy your vacation worry free. It really is an awesome way to honor your fitness goals while on vacation.  I still get to enjoy a glass of wine or a wheat, grain free and gluten free desert over the vacation.

  1. Give into treats – I say no don’t do it 

I know you think I am crazy right now, right? The whole idea of giving in to treats might be the worst idea you could have. If you have realistic fitness goals and life goals that challenge you maybe it’s time to push through. The only way you will succeed at this is by living with tip #1 and also by being totally clear on your goals. Why do you want to achieve your fitness goals? Is there an upside to achieving it? What will the downside look like, long-term? Will your life look like different if you achieve your fitness goals as planned? How do you feel working toward your goal? How do you feel when you give in to your temptation?

Most likely not good. And this is the vital ingredient on clarity. To stay on track with your fitness goals while on vacation or at any other time begin with clarity! Learn how to create clarity around your goals here. Please remember you don’t have to be a saint either, just make your choices based on your rules and by having clarity.

  1. vacationMake movement part of the fun for fitness goals success

 Plan on walking or biking everywhere. Most cities have walking tours, biking tours that will get you moving through any vacation destination. You may walk a fine line if your walking tour is focused on the city’s best bars or appetizers, but if you plan to sample these anyway, walking from restaurant to restaurant is a great way to do it. You now have rules that allow for the best choices at each destination you go into. shows how walking and running tours of popular destinations are on the rise. Make fitness part of your vacation by planning a race destination vacation. Disney World offers marathons and other races in the park. What a great excuse to go to the happiest place on earth.

  1. Your hotel holds secrets

This may seem like a no-brainer but utilizing the hotel gym is an easy way to stay on track. Your budget friendly hotel may not have a gym, but do they have a pool? Swimming laps, in the empty pool, (because no one wakes up early when they stay at a hotel) is a great fitness activity. Neither of these available?  Most hotels have ½-mile or 1-mile tracks laid out on a map of the area.  The clerk can tell you which areas are good and which to avoid. Finally, most hotels have stairs. While no one likes stair machines at the gym, a workout in the hotel stairwell can burn a ton of calories.

  1. Work out in your room

Life hacker has a great list of apps that can walk you through a full body workout from the comfort of your hotel room. These workouts require nothing more than your body. People often underestimate just how good a workout can be using only their body and gravity. Body weight workouts in your room are a great way to make sure that you’re getting your daily exercise in, no matter where you are.

      6. Plan It Out Before You Leave

 It’s important to make a plan using the tips above and any others you might collect before you actually leave for vacation. Write them down and even add some of your goals to the list as this helps to solidify what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it, don’t leave it to chance!

Bottom Line On How To Stick To Your Fitness Goals on Vacation Tips

Following one or more of these tips when you go on your next vacation will help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

6 Tips To Stick With Fitness Goals While On Vacation
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6 Tips To Stick With Fitness Goals While On Vacation
We are planning a vacation soon and I want to share our 6 tips to help you stick with fitness goals when you go on a vacation. Ah vacation, that trusted time of rest, relaxation, and indulgence.
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