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By | May 11, 2015

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Shawna K is a part of the fit women over 40 industry, and is  known as a fitness professional who helps with fitness for women over 40 to get moving and be healthy. I have been following her for a while now and what I really like is she is a woman who actually walks the talk. She is in her fifties now, is in amazing shape and helps others to do the same because she is understanding their issues. I just finished listening to an interview with Shawna and it was inspiring to say the least.

It seems that fitness for women over 40 just seems to stop, because women are not being active or get away from the fitness/sports activities they did when they were young. And now their bodies are falling apart. It really is the time when women must start to think about feeling good and being healthy as well as looking great. You see the reason I put looking great last is because most women think of looking great as the reason to get fit however it really is about feeling good and being healthy first without a question.

The reason we are discussing fitness for women over 40 is because generally they become more sedentary with age and with this lack of movement they have a loss of lean muscle as well as fat gain.


Female Fat Loss Over Forty

Muscle is essential because it is metabolically active. It becomes easier to gain weight because of less muscle for women over 40 who are living sedentary lifestyles. Are you beginning to see why it is so vitally important to be a part of the fit women over 40 group to get fit and healthy? Hope so!

Lifestyle Independence for fit women! It really is that simple. When women over 40 learn how to get fit and healthy they have an independence about their life. Learning how to gain muscle is essential because everything we do in life takes muscles. Walk up and down the stairs, carry groceries, or lift the kids. We need muscle to feel good, be healthy and look good. If we as women over 40 have less muscle we have less function! Simple!

It’s not a pretty picture, yet is can be quite a simple solution. Fit Women gain muscle back even if they have been living a sedentary lifestyle to this point. Don’t worry you will not bulk up and please stop using that as an excuse. It is not possible, it won’t happen.

OK, let’s talk about cardio. The long, slow steady state marathon like cardio training may help you lose weight and maybe your heart will get some conditioning but you will only be a skinnier version of your bigger self. That long slow cardio is hard on the body, you do not build core strength, or upper body strength. You will not build lean muscle doing this kind of exercise.

Resistance training with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the most effective way to build muscle and burn fat in the shortest amount of time. Did you know by the way that time or lack of time is one of the biggest excuses not to exercise?

Now you do not have to go to a gym to do resistance training, you can use your own body to get into shape workout out in limited space in your home. A 20 minute HIIT program will eliminate the time objection easily.

So you may be saying you don’t know what to do or how to get started with an exercise program. I hear you on that one. Don’t worry Shawna K can help you out! She has a program that you can follow along video instruction.

I was most excited hearing Shawna talk about women who get inspired, empowered in their own body through learning how to train! It is a remarkable moment when a woman changes her mindset about training, and getting fit, getting healthy and looking good. They truly become fit women!

She goes on to say: “Achievement in fitness – allows women to feel empowered and they go on to do the things with the attitude of  “what else can I do in my life.”?

” That is how powerful it is for women over 40 to get fit and healthy!”

Diet and nutrition do play a role in your success. They actually go hand in hand with your fitness program. You cannot out train a bad diet. It really is not complicated when it comes to food and what you eat.

  • Cut out the junk
  • Add fruits and veggies
  • Eliminate all processed foods
  • Add water

To name a few things to get you started.

You want to have “wins” or create good habits for your success. Pick one thing and do it for 21 days to make it a habit then add another for 21 days. Set yourself up for success. Be consistent. Don’t overlook things. Stay focused.

So Shawna suggests that to be included in the fit women Over 40 they must:

  • Take Action – Get started today
  • Lose the steady state cardio now
  • Do Resistance Training
  • Include HIIT Training

5 to 1 Workout

Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert, Shawna K has a quick body weight workout for fitness women over 40 to do anywhere. The workout includes skater lunge jumps, push ups, renegade rows, bicycle crunches and a burpee. It’s done in AMRAP fashion, this means you’ll do each exercise as many times (or rounds) as possible in 10 minutes.


Our Best Resources To Help Fit Women With At Home Exercises For Women Who Want A Healthy Body:

Female Fat Loss For Women Over 4o by Shawna K – GO HERE –  What we like about this system is Shawna walks the talk and is a part of the fit women 40 and fit group!

27 Habits by Tyler Bramlett – GO HERE – Learn how to have the wins necessary to create long term successful healthy habits

Home Workout Revolution – HERE – Unlock your fat burning potential with the ultimate fat loss key

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Fit Women Over 40 Get Moving Tips and Ideas
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Fit Women Over 40 Get Moving Tips and Ideas
Shawna K as she is know is a fitness professional who helps fit women over 40 to get moving and be healthy. Learn what happens for fit women over 40 & what action to take
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