Feel Like Quitting? How Your Habits Will Keep You Going!

By | May 25, 2015

 How Your Habits Keep You Going When You Feel Like Quitting!

feel like quittingSuccess is not a linear process and you must learn how to keep going when you feel like quitting. Thanks to Hollywood movies, many people feel like success comes quickly with maybe one or 2 setbacks. In the movies, Rocky is able to get fit within 2 hours and emerge as a victor. He is focused and ultimately, it’s his destiny to win.

In real life, however, it takes a lot longer than 2 hours to get in fighting fit shape.

There will be many times that you will feel like quitting that you will have to overcome. You will have days when you’re not happy at work or with your partner and work out will be the last thing on your mind.



There may be times of frustration,  where no matter how hard you have worked, the results are paltry and just disappointing. At times like these, you will be tempted to throw in the towel and just give up with that overwhelming sense that you will feel like quitting for sure!

Even the most motivated athletes face issues like these. You are not alone. Success is a series of missteps, struggles, wrong turns, slip ups and through sheer persistence and perseverance, you will achieve it. Every success story will follow this messy pattern. There is no other way.

If your weight loss journey is a mess, take heart. If you feel like quitting you are on the right path. What matters is that you keep going.

Failure is not final unless you give up.

On days when you’re down and your mind is working overtime giving very plausible excuses to skip your workout or to eat that slice of pizza that you know you shouldn’t, take a step back and acknowledge your thoughts. Then ask yourself, why you even embarked on this weight loss journey.

There must have been a reason or even a few reasons why you wanted to lose the weight and get in shape. Why would you want to throw it all away? Even if you feel like quitting, don’t quit if you hate starting over!

Ask yourself if what you do next will help you or hurt you. It’s always one or the other. There is no in between. Skipping on the workout will hurt you. Indulging in the doughnut will hurt you. Heaving a huge sigh and still going to train will help you. Forgoing the doughnut will help you.

The problem with slipping up too often is that it takes a toll on your mind that you will not even be aware of. Each time you let yourself quit, you’re subconsciously telling yourself that you just don’t have what it takes. Do this enough and you will believe that you’re a loser.

Every action counts when you feel like quitting.

Of course, it is inevitable to slip up now and again. We are human after all. What matters is that you quickly acknowledge your slip up and remedy the situation as soon as you can.

If you skipped a workout today because you were not in the mood, make sure you do one the next day and one more on the day that you were supposed to rest. Don’t shortchange yourself. Don’t let things slide or it will be a slippery slope downhill.

Remember that small daily progress leads to staggering long-term results. Don’t give up just because of a few small setbacks. Keep on keeping on and you will reach your goal in time to come. It is inevitable.

So, share your ideas on how to keep going when you feel like quitting?

For me, I have created the habit of exercise and eating well. The habits I have created keep me going when I feel like quitting.

If you want to learn how to keep going when you feel like quitting through developing strong habits then you must check out Tyler Bramlett’s 27 Habits. 27 Habits are about rewiring your brain for the outcome you want. Because, it’s the little things you do each and every day that ultimately make up the way you look in front of a mirror, right? The problem is, how do you know exactly which habits to lock in, and in what order? And how do you go about doing it?

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Share with our readers what has helped you when you feel like quitting in the comments below?

Feel Like Quitting? How Your Habits Will Keep You Going!
Article Name
Feel Like Quitting? How Your Habits Will Keep You Going!
Success is not a linear process and you must learn how to keep going when you feel like quitting. Thanks to Hollywood movies,success appears to come easily!

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