Does Fat Loss Really Happen in The Kitchen?

Have you heard that fat loss happens in the kitchen?  OK, we hear all the time that exercise burns fat and that is true right?  However, you are what you eat and the journey to successful fat loss happens in the kitchen combined with great training habits!

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So what are you eating?  Is the eating strategy you have in place right now helping you with your fat loss success?  For most, the answer is probably no!  It seems the biggest challenge is knowing how to buy and eat the foods that will best support you in your goals!

I just read this great article “My Fat – Burning Grocery List“. It is filled with all kinds of great nuggets of information to help you achieve your desired fat loss goals.  You know we get into the grocery store with no list and get lost in the long aisle of the store, seduced by all those amazing promises on the cartons, yet so disappointed with the crappy ingredients once we get the home.

In this article you will learn how fat loss begins in the kitchen:

  • Why shopping the perimeter of the grocery store will lead to your success
  • Learn how you can be in and out of the grocery store in 15 minutes with a cart full of fat burning groceries
  • Learn the first department you will walk right by and why those foods are placed there to tempt you
  • And what is the last item to pick up when at the grocery store

Learn how to your fat loss happens in the kitchen – CLICK HERE fat burning

So there you have it.  Today you have your grocery food shopping list to help you get the exact foods you require to reach our desired goals.

Our Best Eating Healthy Resources:

101 SuperFoods – Poor dietary choices over stimulate the immune system and cause chronic inflammatory responses. The inflammatory responses deteriorate the body’s overall health, limiting mobility and contributing to painful joints.

Tyler Bramlett’s program 27 habits is a fantastic resource. We feel 27 Habits will help you create the good habits to help you with your lifestyle and body transformation! Get It HERE NOW

You may also want to learn to cook real foods in your own kitchen and we recommend PaleoHacks Cookbook (Eating Right With Paleo Diet)

Let me know if I can help.

If you agree that fat loss happens in the kitchen then be sure to get our kitchen-tested real food recipes each week.


Fat Loss Happens in The Kitchen
Article Name
Fat Loss Happens in The Kitchen
So what are you eating? Is the eating strategy you have in place right now helping your fat loss success? For most the answer is probably no! Learn more:
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