Fat Loss Transformation With Shawna K

fat loss transformationOne of the most important ideas to consider for your fat loss transformation is to begin to move your body in ways you enjoy and will do for your lifetime! Frankly, this will be extremely challenging for most women reading this article!

You see, most women have a hard time with fitness, they either struggle to start a fitness lifestyle or they find fitness just hard to do. This is the mindset part of fitness. You will have to overcome and teach yourself that your fat loss transformation, your good health, lifestyle independence depends on you moving your body daily. Period.

One of the ways to think of fitness is to realize that “exercise gives the body shape” according to Shawna K, fitness professional and creator of Fat Loss For Women Over 40 program.  Find something you really love and get started today.

Consider This For Your Fat Loss Transformation

If you are carrying a lot of extra weight you might simply begin with getting outside and walking. When you are beginning you may not go far and that doesn’t matter. Just do it, as the saying goes. As you continue you will find your walking daily becomes much more enjoyable, you will be able to walk farther, faster. And that is a good thing. Because you will want to challenge yourself.


Female Fat Loss Over Forty


Now you might be a person who simply doesn’t know how to exercise or what program to use? Shawn K suggests an online program, she has a really great one, Fat Loss For Women Over 40, however, there are many others you can choose as well. The most important thing is to find one that you will enjoy and you will be consistent in doing every day.  What you will gain from this practice is not only your fat loss transformation, you will gain more energy, self-confidence in your fitness as well as in life.Your fitness and exercise practice will bring an enrichment to your life that you never felt possible.

Now if you are looking for a real fat loss transformation you must not consider long slow cardio because it just won’t get you there!

Here are some Fat Loss Transformation Guidelines To Consider:

body weight training

  • It must be short and intense
  • Lasts 15-20 minutes
  • You must be willing to sweat
  • You must include resistance training, like body weight workouts free weights for example
  • Bodyweight training is awesome because you can do this type of exercise is small spaces
  • Walking, gardening is great however they will not get you the fat loss transformation
  • Activity is great (walking, gardening for example) and must be done daily
  • The sweaty, short burst will be done a few times a week
  • You Mus Never compare yourself to others. NEVER!
  • Never allow your mind to play small.

  • You may want to get a training partner. Shawna says “there is courage in couples”
  • Congratulate yourself on your WINS! For example, congratulate yourself on taking the big step to begin
  • Join an online fitness community for support – again think about a buddy because most success happens when done with a friend or buddy
  • Or get an Accountability Partner for your fat loss transformation success
  • Decide to exercise every day and to live an active life
  • Remember that muscle is your friend and as a woman, you will never look like Arnold doing Resistance Training however you will live an independent life
  • Don’t set yourself up for failure. Find the thing you will enjoy, with the tribe that you most resonate with and start
  • Start where you are right now. This is so important because so many of us make our goals based on where we want to be rather than where we are beginning. Walk if you must now and as you progress making the necessary changes
  • Do ONE thing at a time. Again don’t overwhelm yourself, start where you are
  • And, finally, Always Strive To Be Your Best Self and Live Your Best Life

So, these are your fat loss transformation guidelines that will help you create an active, fit life.

Now it is up to you to begin.

Before I sign off today let me share a personal story with you. Way back in 1995, I had 2 car accidents within 8 months and to say I was not in a good place in an understatement. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and could not even walk for 10 minutes without being exhausted. Life was a daily struggle and I did keep moving when I could, but I just wasn’t feeling great. I was overweight, had low energy and wasn’t living my best life. Now, in 1997 my mother had an accident and broke her hip.

That evening when I went to the hospital and saw her I realized if I didn’t make some major changes in my life I was going to be just like her. And so the next day I began with those changes by finding a Tae Bo body weight training routine ( LOL remember all the TV commercials) and started doing this full body weight training routine class in my apartment. In the beginning, I could only do a few minutes and over a few months, I was able to do the entire long workout. Then, I began doing resistance training that included body weight training and free weights.

And through this whole process, I was reducing my size and weight. In fact, I was able to reduce my weight by 100 pounds and even better felt like a new person. I became a certified personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach and have been able to help many others make these changes.

So if you are telling yourself you can’t have a fat loss transformation success, you must know if I can do it, you can as well.




Fat Loss Transformation With Shawna K
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Fat Loss Transformation With Shawna K
One of the most important ideas to consider for your fat loss transformation is to begin to move your body in ways you enjoy
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