Exercise Reduces Stress – 7 Reasons Why!

By | October 29, 2014

Exercise Reduces StressHow Exercise Reduces Stress – 7 Ways!

You have probably heard it all too often: Exercise reduces stress and simply does your body good. Aside from keeping your body fit, strong and healthy, doing regular exercise reduces stress.

We know today that 8 out of 10 visits to the primary care doctor are related to stress .  You neither have the luxury of time nor the physical stamina to do strenuous exercise? Do not be disheartened just as yet.

Doing regular exercise to reduce stress does not require you to turn into an exercise junkie whose idea of physical activity is huffing and puffing for hours.

Health care experts advise that even less strenuous physical activities like yoga and aerobics could help you manage stress. In fact Jade Teta, speaker on The Weight Loss Solution Summit said this about running, ” running is excellent for improved mood.”  Improving mood it seems to me is a definite way to realize exercise reduces stress, right?

More good news is the fact that even a 30-minute “workout” can help you reap the benefits of how exercise reduces stress for your life.

Here are 7 ways regular exercise reduces stress and helps you build a healthy stress free tool box!

Let us count the 7 ways to reduces stress.

  1. Close Communication Between Body Systems – Stress affects your whole body’s performance and to effectively combat stress, your physiological systems (such as nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and muscular) need to work closely together and increase their level of coordination. With exercise, your body systems get trained to communicate more closely and more efficiently with each other. A sedentary lifestyle, on the other hand, makes your body systems less communicative with one another, hence making its overall ability to deal with stress go haywire. 
  2. Get A Natural High With An Endorphin Boost – Exercise pumps up your body’s production of endorphins, the chemical in the brain which is responsible for feeling happy. An increase in the level of the neurotransmitter endorphin gives your mood a natural boost, hence combating the toll of stress on your disposition. The bumping up of endorphins is the chemistry behind so-called “runner’s high” but you can experience the same even if you do brisk walking or dancing for a few minutes.
  3. Fight Off Stress Chemicals – When we are stressed, our body produces more of the so-called stress chemical called “cortisol.” Much of our modern ways of dealing with stress, however, allows us to be passive, as in watching your favorite film or keeping physically inert, in the face of experiences or life events that test our mood and mettle. The problem with this passivity is that we retain, rather than release, bodily chemicals that are produced as our body’s reaction to stress. By sweating it out, we make our body fight and flush out these chemicals rather than keeping them.
  4. Exercise Is “Active” Meditation – Who says that achieving a state of meditation can only be done while sitting still and inert? By doing repetitive laps in the pool, or walking steadily for a few minutes, you are able to bring your body to a regular and flowing rhythm, which stimulates a state of meditation by providing you a time to leave behind your sources of anxiety and irritation and focus only on your bodily movements. Exercise could be your “me” time, a space where you can recharge your mind and emotions to make you more capable than ever to face your everyday worries and woes.
  5. Exercise Provides For Better Sleep – Sleep is a forgotten health essential todayBeing sleep deprived can be a cycle most vicious. As you get more worried and unhappy during the day, you will find it more and more difficult to fall asleep, let alone get a restful one. Doing regular exercise helps you beat that cycle by making you more focused during the day and more relaxed when it is time to hit the bed.exercise to reduce stress
  6. Exercise Can Bring A Sense Of Order To Life – Much of our stress comes as our body’s reaction to feelings of being unable to take a positive control over our daily lives. Whether in relation to work or home life, a nagging feeling that there is no order and clear goals in life contributes to stress. By actively planning and sticking to a regular exercise routine, feelings of having control of your life with set work plan and achievable goals will help get you back to feeling that you have the upper hand on your life.
  7. Socialize, Don’t Sulk Embarking on an exercise routine lets you have the chance to be with friends and family or to meet new people. Feeling a sense of community not only boosts your mood but also provides you with an opportunity to share your problems and worries with others who may prove helpful in finding solutions to your problems or even just present you with a shoulder to lean on during difficult times. And this helps stress enormously.

These are definitely ways how exercise reduces stress in our lives for the better.

Today there is much discussion on short, intense workouts because there are so many benefits to burn fat and build muscle.

You may hear the terms Burst Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training or Metabolic Conditioning). Now using these short intense workouts you will be breathless, muscles will be burning, the weights will be heavy and you will be filled with heat!

This training will help you with weight loss, your body will change when you do this! This training can be done in 2o minutes or less a day 2-3 days per week. This is a great example of how exercise reduces stress for the long term.

Will you take action today to see for yourself how exercise reduces stress?

We recommend Female Fat Loss Over Forty program by Shawna K, who will show you that exercise for stress with these time saving, intense workouts! Here is an example of workout you can do at home. A full body workout that you can do with a minimal amount of equipment. It includes burpees, renegade rows, mountain climbers, reverse lunges, squats, decline push ups and jump rope. Enjoy!

There is no question that exercise reduces stress! How will you begin to exercise to reduce stress in your life?

Learn how Exercise Reduces Stress at The Weight Loss Solution Summit – For Women! I’d highly recommend checking it out,  Register For The Weight Loss Solution Here


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7 Ways Regular Exercise Reduces Stress
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7 Ways Regular Exercise Reduces Stress
Exercise! Aside from keeping your body fit, strong,healthy, regular exercise reduces stress. Chronic stress is everywhere. Include exercise for less stress

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