Diet Is Important – Don’t Short Change Your Efforts

By | October 28, 2015

diet is importantWhy Is Your Diet Important – Don’t Short Change Your Efforts

Accomplishing your fitness goals is the goal when it comes to fitness and you definitely don’t want to short change your efforts because you don’t believe diet is important. We all know by now that all foods are not created equally. The best of food sources are organic fruits and vegetables free from toxins and grass fed meats, poultry as well as wild fish. Years of research has repeatedly shown that these food choices are the body’s preferred food sources for optimum performance. Full of nutrients that the body needs to heal. So, diet is important and a real food organic strategy is best!

It does seem today that many must  increase the intake of fruits and vegetables include, helping to supply our bodies with much needed energy, improving immunity to diseases, and overall mind health. Read on to find out diet is important and how to change your thinking on this topic.

Much like a car your body is built for performance thus proper maintenance, fuel, and care is needed. Simple, right? Then why is it that increases in obesity and other diet related illnesses still exist in abundance. We just are not taking care to what it is that we are putting in our bodies and expecting results that are simply unrealistic.

We need to be champions and caregivers to our bodies and perform the fundamentals of overall body care by committing to better diets for overall better health. Our choices in nutrition and level of activity are partially a learned behavior. We can learn to eat a variety of foods to help maintain weight, increase cardiovascular fitness, and increase energy levels naturally. The benefits of a healthy well balanced diet are endless and should be taken very seriously for optimum health.

Diet Is Important – Base your food choices on these patterns:

  • Grass fed meats, poultry, and wild fish
  • Choose organic, local, fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Drink water – ½ your bodyweight in ounces per day
  • Eliminate added sugars –  The average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar each day. But it gets worse, the average child eats 32 teaspoons daily.  That’s like eating 8 ice cream cones A DAY!  I think we’re ready for a change.  And it starts in your kitchen – so THIS cookbook is for you, from JJ, to get started! My good friend, JJ Virgin, is about to publish her next NY Times Bestseller “The Sugar Impact Diet”. To celebrate, she’s GIVING away her brand new “2-Week Sugar Impact Diet COOKBOOK.” LOADED with yummy recipes – at no cost.
  • Use sea salt
  • Drink in moderation
  • And take care when eating out

A healthy diet and life style will provide you with all of the energy, stamina, and endurance to meet and exceed the challenges of everyday life. All you really need is provided by nature.  So if you are trying to stay in shape, get in shape, maintain good shape or the like remember to handle your body like you handle the care of your automobile. Choose the right fuel to keep your engine running for a long time. Don’t short change yourself or your life by fueling your body with damaging food sources and other activities that will diminish your chances for a long healthy happy life.

We have found the Paleo diet (a nutrient dense, real food diet) is the easiest way for us to stay on track with how we eat meal to meal and day to day.  We focus on lots of veggies on the plate with a bit of grass fed meat or poultry for easy, simple and so very delicious meals that keep our taste buds happy every day! Check out our Paleo Cookbook with over 300 recipes and many bonuses to make meal planning a no brainer!

The Paleo Diet is Important for the following reasons:

  • Anti-Inflammatory benefits
  • Body is well adapted
  • Naturally avoid gluten and dairy
  • According to Chris Kresser ” the best diet to recover from chronic illness”
  • Nutrient dense – the most important aspect when considering a diet
  • High satisfaction or satiety from the Paleo diet

Let us know why you feel diet is important? Share your comments below and if you found value please share with your friends and loved ones.

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Diet Is Important - Don’t Short Change Your Efforts
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Diet Is Important - Don’t Short Change Your Efforts
Diet is important when accomplishing your fitness goals. Don't short change your efforts. Always remember "we are what we eat" for a healthy, fitter you!

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