3 Crucial Fat Loss Components

crucial fat loss componentsToday we want to share 3 crucial fat loss components. Here’s why. This may have happened to you or you may know someone it has happened to. You’re trying to lose weight so you’re doing the whole exercise and diet thing. You’re eating the six small meals, doing the cardio and even hitting the weights…. but…

The fat is just NOT coming off!

This is mental torture! Why will it not work? Why?

As with most problems, the solution is simple. You just need to know it.

This article will tell you why there are 3 crucial fat loss components.

Insulin. This is the reason why.

Most people struggling to lose weight have no idea that they need to control their insulin levels and should not cause spikes in their blood sugar levels. In his bestselling guide, The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution, Shaun Hadsall, states that nutrient timing nutrient combinations and portion control are 3 crucial fat loss components on a food pyramid that must be closely monitored.

Only by understanding these 3 crucial fat loss components, can you keep insulin in check?

You must understand that insulin is a storage hormone and plays a huge part in how your body stores fat.

When the insulin levels in your body are high, it’ll be next to impossible to burn body fat. Eating the wrong foods in the wrong combinations and at the wrong times will cause you to have insulin spikes. For example, consuming a sugary cereal for breakfast in the morning is definitely going to send your insulin levels shooting through the roof.

There are occasions when insulin spikes can be beneficial. Spiking your insulin levels before and after workouts will help to “shuttle” nutrients and “partition” carbs into muscle tissue for repair and growth. You can learn how to do this by visiting The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website.

However, for the most part, we want our insulin levels and blood sugar level to be steady and stable.

Crucial fat loss components is learning how to keep blood sugar stable

So, how do you keep them stable?

Firstly, you need to eat your meals at regular intervals. Not too close or too far apart. If your meals are too close, your insulin levels go up. You’ll feel tired and sluggish because of raised blood sugar levels.

You may have noticed that many people at work complain that they are sleepy after lunch hour. That’s because their blood sugar has gone up.

Secondly, it’d be a good idea to eat your starchy carbs and fruits early in the day or after intense workout sessions.

Thirdly, never eat a carb by itself. Always combine it with a high-quality protein. This will reduce the effect of the carbs on the insulin levels.

Another way to keep insulin levels stable is to limit your fat when eating starches or carbs. When insulin and fat are present at the same time the potential for fat storage arises. This is always a bad idea.

The tips in this article are just scratching the surface and were taken from The 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution website. There are many more pointers and helpful tips that one can learn from this guide. Testimonials from people all over the world show that the methods work. Do check it out and get the body you always wanted.

So, there you have the 3 crucial fat loss components that are factors affecting weight loss.


3 Crucial Fat Loss Components
Article Name
3 Crucial Fat Loss Components
We want to share 3 crucial fat loss components that are important for your success. Here's why. The whole exercise and diet thing isn't working. Learn why!
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