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Best Bodyweight Exercise Program! You Might Be Surprised

This post was last updated:14/09/17Best Bodyweight Exercise Program Ever! I just rec’d notice of the best bodyweight exercise program ever.  For sure you will be surprised when you hear what it is because right now you are probably trying to guess? Check this out! Most experts agree that this exercise is the BEST exercise of all… Read More »

Best Cardio Intervals For Fat Loss Part 1

This post was last updated:16/05/16 Best Cardio Intervals for Fat Loss by Craig. Craig is an expert on getting results for fat loss without the long, boring cardio and he helps shed light on the best cardio intervals to include in your workout. Check it out below:   Best Cardio Intervals for Fat Loss: Part 1 … Read More »

Get Fit Tips! 5 Tips To Get You Moving

This post was last updated:12/07/17Get Fit Tips! 5 Tips To Get You Moving Here are 5 get fit tips that will make it easier to get fit at home!  If you are anything like most people finding a system to get fit can be a challenge!  Unless you are one of the few that really… Read More »

Effective Fat Burning Fitness Challenges?

This post was last updated:21/09/17 Effective Fat Burning Efforts Are you looking for effective fat burning fitness challenges? Today I rec’d an email from Shawna and she has provided some info on the very best effective fat burning efforts that you can do to get your desired fitness results. You may find it quite surprising… Read More »

Burst Workouts – Say No to Cardio Interview

This post was last updated:10/06/16Burst Workouts Fitness Expert Reveals New Burst Workouts that Boosts Metabolism for Up to 40 Hours – Just Say No to Cardio! In this shocking new interview, my friend and world-famous fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne, reveals the truth about cardio. Plus, he delivers the latest scientific research showing that you can burn an extra 450%… Read More »

Extreme Kettlebell Cardio For Fat Loss | Workout Included

This post was last updated:21/09/17 Ideas for Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workouts Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout routines are amazing to get real results in your fitness working out at home!  Check it out! If you’re looking for High-intensity, short-duration (under 20 minutes) kettlebell – based workouts you can do anywhere, you should check out this page.  For FAR… Read More »

Kettlebell Exercises You Can Do at Home

This post was last updated:14/09/174 Kettlebell Exercises You Can Do at Home I began learning how to add kettlebell exercises to my training program years ago!  When I first began to use the kettlebell exercises I was taught the swing, snatch, figure 8’s and Russian Twist.   I just couldn’t get enough!  Working with kettlebells… Read More »

Turbulence Training | Your Powerful Home Workouts

This post was last updated:9/06/16 No more excuses – Introducing Turbulence Training! Never have another excuse for why you can not be fit through a very powerful at home workout routines. Turbulence training is proven, results oriented programs to help you be fit. Top 5 Fat Loss Tips – Craig Ballantyne, CTT Certified Turbulence Trainer –  Men’s… Read More »