Building Muscle No Matter Your Age For Your Best Life

building muscleLet me start out saying that when I was working one to one with clients no matter their stated goals, we always worked on building muscle. You see, the older I get and the more years of training experience I accrue under my belt, the more it becomes a mission to reach my goals of muscle building and gaining strength. The reason is this, if you and I are building muscle and strength then we have lifestyle independence. And to me, this is vitally important for quality of life for life! It is just that simple.

When I hear folks say they have sore and painful joints and this is just a natural part of aging, I totally disagree! It may be a part of the process, however, diet, exercise and how we think and feel about ourselves as we get older will show up in how we feel more than how we train and are building muscle.

If you have not exercised or been involved in working out and are just beginning that is fantastic. You might have a period of adjustment, where you may feel a bit of muscle soreness. Do not give up and allow your body a chance to learn how to move in new ways.

Building Muscle and Joint Pain Supplements To Consider

Making sure you don’t feel like crap is paramount to sticking with your training plan. According to Examine, several extensively researched options are available that may alleviate the joint pain associated with an aging athlete.

  • Glucosamine: May help reduce knee pain associated with arthritis. The suggested dose of 500mg, 3x a day with food.
  • Curcumin: Acts similarly to NSAIDS (Tylenol, Advil, etc.) and may have the added benefit of improving tissue/joint mobility. 200mg-500mg 2xa day with food seems to work well.
  • Boswellia serrata: In Indian medicine, Boswellia serrata and curcumin are often used together to treat arthritic joint pain. Either 1,800mg of crude oleoresin 3x a day (5,400mg total) or, if you don’t enjoy eating roots and leaves by the handful, products like 5-Loxin and Aflapin exist with concentrations that only require 100mg-250mg once a day with food.
  • Fish Oil: This is the only suggestion on the list that has been shown to alleviate joint pain not associated with preexisting diseases/conditions. 2,500mg a day seems to be the sweet spot.
  • Chondroitin Seems to work synergistically (sort of, more research needs to be done here) with glucosamine in doses of 600mg to 1,200mg a day. Caution: Chondroitin has a muscle building high anti-coagulant effect. People on blood thinners should definitely consult with a doctor before adding it in.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is vital for collagen formation. 500mg a day seems to work well. YOU MUST take a WHOLE FOOD VIT. C so do not even consider ascorbic acid or take the advice that this is OK. It is not ok.
  • Protein Powder: fitness training does place additional demands on our body and sometimes this can only be addressed by taking good protein powder nutrition supplements.

Programs For Building Muscle For The Over 40 Crowd

Personally, I like to take around 15 minutes, a couple of times a week to do some interval training. I always recommend Shawna K’s Female Fat Loss Over 40 program because it works.  It works because she is a woman over 40 herself and has spent a great deal of time developing programs that help with building muscle for women over 40. If you follow her program you will get results.

If you think you can just do aerobic work like you might have learned years ago, not going to happen. You just gotta be building muscle if you are over 40. Don’t worry you won’t look like Arnold!

Pushing Beyond Mobility Issues If You Are Muscle Building

If you have been training for years maybe you have been able to push off some nagging pain issues for the last couple of decades. Now they are actually starting to stop your training in its tracks.

What can you do from this point? Unfortunately, you probably should have been addressing these issues years ago. However, there is still time and there is something you can do about it by actively and consistently working on your mobility and your flexibility.

I strongly suggest looking up Kelly Starrett and his method of pain management and overall movement efficiency via soft tissue and joint mobilization. I have been using some of his ideas with great benefits  for the past few years.

He has taken some incredibly complicated principles and modalities and has made them easily applicable to the everyday meathead. Ensuring good movement patterns is helpful to any athlete at any age who is committed to building muscle and staying fit.

Most Importantly To Be Building Muscle After 40 Is To Believe You Can and Take Action

Like anything worthwhile in life, muscle building takes discipline, effort, commitment AND a certain level of faith in yourself. Believe that you can do it, and you will! A positive attitude will help you get to that gym and commit to a regular routine so you can reach your goals and improve your quality of life.

Share your comments on How you have committed to building muscle for your best life?

Building Muscle No Matter Your Age For Your Best Life
Article Name
Building Muscle No Matter Your Age For Your Best Life
Let me start out saying that when I was working one to one with clients no matter their stated goals, we always worked on building muscle programs.
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