Are You Battling the Belly Fat Bulge?

As the weather warms up, the clothes get smaller. If you’re ready to try on a new bikini, there may be something getting in your way – the belly fat bulge around your middle. Many people face the frustration of losing belly fat around their midsection – and it can be terribly frustrating.

The  belly fat bulge can make it difficult to have the smooth waistline under your clothes that you’ve always wanted. It can also make it difficult to fit into your favorite swimsuit. And whether you’re a man or a Belly Fat Bulgewoman, a belly fat can make buying clothes challenging and even a depressing task.

It can be upsetting to feel that your body is embarrassingly bumpy with the belly fat around your middle. But belly fat doesn’t have to be a permanent companion. You can make some simple changes that will help to trim your tummy and reduce the amount of belly fat you have to carry around and conceal.

The belly fat bulge has many sources that may be different than you would expect. For example, belly fat can be caused by a lack of sleep. It can also result from too much stress in your life. While calories and fat grams are an important contributor to excess belly fat, you may be the victim of a stressful, busy life that sends fat straight to your middle.

This happens because the stress hormone cortisol begins to occur at higher levels when you have too much stress or not enough sleep. When cortisol levels rise, the fat cells in your abdominal area are the first to become filled. When you reduce your stress and get enough sleep at night, cortisol levels return to normal.

So you’re belly fat bulge may not be all due to eating too many donuts. But in order to maintain a healthy weight and reduce your belly fat, it helps to maintain a healthy diet and to move your body. While you can’t spot train the fat off of your belly, it will naturally decrease as you lose overall weight.

Carrying fat around the belly can be frustrating and make you feel poorly about yourself. But you don’t have to battle the belly fat bulge forever. You can decrease your waistline by decreasing your stress and taking care of your body. You only have one body and you’re the only one who can take care of it and give it what it needs. It’s time to take control so you can have the results you desire.

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We would love to hear you have succeeded in losing belly fat?

Tell us how you have overcome the belly fat bulge in healthy ways?

Belly Fat Bulge - Are You Battling the Bulge
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Belly Fat Bulge - Are You Battling the Bulge
Belly Fat Bulge - Are You Battling the Bulge? You may be surprised at why this is a struggle and what you can do about it beginnig today! Check it out here
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