Learn How To Begin Strength Training Today!

You’re reading this article to learn how to begin strength training for women!! There was something that fuelled you to decide to make a change and introduce this into your life. Beginnings are great, but can be even better with some structure and planning.

begin strength trainingLet’s talk about the steps needed to begin strength training for women program.

First off, decide what your goal is. You must have a big WHY you want to begin strength training? Do you want to get stronger? Do you want to reshape your physique? Do you need an outlet for stress relief? Do you want to protect your body from the aging process? Your goal may be one, some or none of these, and that’s okay! As long as you know what you want to ultimately achieve, you can tailor your program around this.

Secondly, consider your options. If your goal is to get stronger and you know you’ll be squatting or bench pressing a lot, you’re going to need the equipment for this. On the other hand, if you just want to tighten your physique, you may just need some dumbbells. Consider these options when evaluating your options to obtaining or having access to the proper equipment. Some goals can be easily reached at a home gym, others may require lots of equipment and work better at a fitness facility.

One of the most important steps to begin strength training for women is if you have any medical issues or concerns, please consult your doctor. Even a trainer will tell you this. Whether it’s an old or pre-existing injury or condition, be sure to consider and discuss this before starting a weight lifting regimen. The most frustrating thing when starting on a journey to health is finding out you re-injured a dormant injury and now are back to square one.

Lastly and absolutely most importantly, assess your mental readiness and ability to commit. Being half-heartedly committed to your goal isn’t going to work. You have to know you can commit the time and win the mental battles. You have to set aside the time to get it done despite other things that may arise. You have to practice patience and understand that good things take time and this is no exception.

Whatever your reason to begin your strength training journey, embrace it. Not only will you become physically stronger, but you will feel the change mentally as well. Our bodies are made to be sculpted and you have just taken the first step. Believe in yourself and you will be amazed at what you are capable of doing. Now we recommend The Female Fat Loss Over 40 Program by Shawna K. You can decide for yourself if this program will work for you!

The Benefits To Begin Strength Training For Women

  • Did you know that as you begin strength training,  you can improve your performance in other areas? If you are a runner, swimmer, hiker, bicycler or a team athlete, you can benefit greatly from cross-training with weights. Improving your strength will improve your muscle stamina, ability to move quickly and your ability to avoid some injuries.
  • Who said weight lifting was a man’s sport? Even forgetting the female athletes in the ancient world, female weight lifting for strength has been around for at least more than a century in the U.S. alone. “The New Gymnastics for Men, Women and Children” published in 1862 went over several exercises that involved light weights. Strength training has always been a part of fitness and women’s fitness is not different, though it has suffered from misconceptions and stigma over the decades.
  • Your ability to begin strength training without fear as a woman is hindered by a number of misconceptions and outright lies, but that is changing. If you are afraid to weight train because you do not want to look manly or are afraid of gaining too much weight, start lifting because neither will happen. If you are on a strength training plan that is catered to your size, body type and fitness level, you will only become more defined, stronger and even thinner!
  • Women who begin strength training can burn calories more efficiently when doing other activities. You can get more out of walking, jogging, canoeing or working just by increasing your lean muscle mass via weight lifting. Strength training is part of a balanced fitness plan for any woman. Do not forgo it because you think you will not lose weight or that you will bulk up. You may actually gain weight, but you will lose inches with the right workout plan.
  • Getting the most out of your women’s strength training workouts involves staying true to that term. Do not try to lift what men are lifting or do as many reps unless you plan to compete with men and hope to get a big physique. Otherwise, make sure your workout is designed for a woman. In order to get the best results and avoid injuries, you should always do what is right for your body, not someone else’s body.

Our Resources To Begin Strength Training:

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So there you have it, steps to begin strength training for women and the benefits you will get from training. Other than the benefits listed strength training is fun, challenging and empowering!

Share with us how you learned to begin strength training and what benefits have resulted for you in the area below.

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Beginnings are great but can be even better with some structure and planning. Let's talk about the steps needed to begin strength training for women program
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