5 Kettlebell Training Mistakes People Make – Your At Home Kettlebell Workout Included

kettlebell training mistakesKettlebells are the latest craze now and for good reason too, yet here are 5 kettlebell training mistakes people make when using this training tool. Thousands of people report health benefits such as increased strength, fat loss and a general sense of feeling fitter than ever since they started working out with kettlebells. I believe this is because kettlebell training is a fun and challenging workout.

Yet, there are 5 kettlebell training mistakes that people make when exercising with this fantastic training tool. This article will enlighten you on what they are so that you can steer clear of these mistakes.

Common Kettlebell Training Mistakes:

You won’t want to make them for sure!

Ignoring the fundamentals 

Kettlebell training is progressive. Many people do not have a strong grasp of the basic moves before progressing on to the intermediate and advanced moves. Worse is that most don’t even know that the moves are classified as beginner, intermediate and advanced. Not all moves are equal.

The 2 most important moves one must master in kettlebell training are the Kettlebell Swings and Turkish Get Ups. All other moves are derived from these 2 moves. Master them and you will be a head above the majority of people training with kettlebells

Not working progressively

People are so used to getting things fast and easy in today’s world that they expect exercise to be the same. Well, it’s not. You can just raise the weights and expect your body to handle it if it’s not accustomed to weight training. Many people use kettlebells that are way too heavy for their skill level.

Furthermore, when working with kettlebells, you will need to build up your static and dynamic stability. If you can’t hold a kettlebell above your head in a stable manner, you have no business pressing it.

Work from the ground up. Make sure your stabilizing muscles are strong before engaging in pressing moves.

A Common Kettlebell Training Mistake Is Treating a Kettlebell Like a Dumbbell

You can’t use kettlebells for bicep curls or other exercises that only dumbbells are suited for. Of course, for some exercises, kettlebells may be substituted for dumbbells. Knowing which exercises are the key to being effective and not looking foolish.

Kettlebells were made for training your core, thighs, butt and other muscles so often neglected. Use kettlebells for the exercises that were meant for kettlebells and not use them for dumbbell or barbell exercises.

A Kettlebell Training Mistake is Using kettlebells that are too light kettlebells

I realize that one must train progressively but I’d recommend a minimum weight of 35lbs for men and 16lbs for women. Anything less is not optimal. Train with fewer reps in the beginning and progress on

Unnecessarily complicated workouts

Keep your Kettlebell training simple. Include a few different moves comprising of squatting, lunging, pulling, pushing, etc. Keep the workout at a high intensity and on a simple circuit.

Many people come up with unnecessary complex moves and ridiculous circuits just to keep the workout interesting. It just ends up confusing. You want to be focused on the training only and not a hundred other things. Avoid these mistakes like the plague and you will do just fine and the kettlebells will be your best friend in time to come.

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Now is the time to practice eliminating the kettlebell training mistakes discussed in this post with this effective at home kettlebell workout.

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These are the 5 kettlebell training mistakes people make.



5 Kettlebell Training Mistakes People Make
Article Name
5 Kettlebell Training Mistakes People Make
There are many mistakes made when using kettlebells. Here are 5 kettlebell training mistakes people make when training with this tool.
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