24 Hour Fat Burning Machine | For A Healthier You!

By | June 2, 2014

 24 Hour Fat Burning Machine| For A Healthier You!

24 hour fat burning machine

What if I told you, there was a chance to be a 24 hour fat burning machine for your better health?  What if you combined this all day fat burning with the perfect style of cardio exercise and strength training to also shred your fat and maximize your metabolism?

How do you think you would end up looking? And how do you think you would feel?  How quickly do you think you could get into the top shape of your life?  If your answers to these questions have excited you, I’m here with great news. You can learn how to be 24 hour fat burning machine for healthier you here today!

Metabolism 101: Your 24 Hour Fat Burning Machine!

  • Metabolism is something that we’ve known about for a long time, but we’re only starting to learn how to utilize it in our everyday lives. The term was first used in 1614, in a book that talked about medicine and health. In our eBook, we explore the different discoveries that have happened over the years and how they can help us with weight loss.
  •  It wasn’t until the 19th century that people started to realize that metabolism was a vital process, necessary to help cells live and grow and for tissues to function as they should. As you likely know, metabolism also helps with weight loss and retention. If you have questions or want to know more, be sure to check out our eBook today.
  • Metabolism is linked to weight, but a slow metabolism is not the main cause for weight gain – in fact, it’s what you’re eating and drinking that causes you to gain weight or struggle with weight loss. Physical activity can help boost your metabolism, which will help you burn calories faster, however.
  • There are a few things that determine how quickly your metabolism works. How large or small you are, plays a significant role, as it takes more calories to function if you are large. Your gender plays a role because of the way that men and women are built, and your age will also determine how well your metabolism functions.
  • Metabolism isn’t the only thing that causes you to burn calories. Two other things, food processing, and physical activity, also play roles in helping your body to burn calories. When you eat food, your body actually burns calories while processing it (that’s why you’ve likely heard that celery has “negative calories.”)
  • Heredity can play a role in metabolism as well. If your family is built big, and you are too, you may have a lower metabolism or struggle with weight loss. So make sure to take a look and see the different types of body types in your family, and then figure out what you have to do to overcome your heredity.
  •  One of the biggest struggles that people have when trying to lose weight is how frustrated that they get when they’ve been losing weight well, and then plateau. It’s a natural process, you just have to learn how to push your body past it so that you can start losing weight again.
  •  One of the most important things to understand when boosting your metabolism is how much protein you should be eating in a day. Protein is vital for metabolism boosting, so check out our eBook to see exactly how much you should be eating to help kick start your weight loss plan by becoming a 24-hour fat burning machine.

So now you have some background that helps you realize that you can be a 24 hour fat burning machine for a healthier you!  Immerse yourself in the lessons so you can begin to be a 24 hour fat burning machine!  Feel better, look better and be a healthier you!

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How will you make a  24 hour fat burning machine for a healthier you? 

 Burn Fat 24 Hours A Day For A Healthier You!
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Burn Fat 24 Hours A Day For A Healthier You!
What if I told you, you could burn fat 24 hours a day? By fat burning with the perfect style of exercise you can shred your fat & maximize your metabolism?
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